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SAGE Business Researcher

The first step in successful business research

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SAGE Business Researcher guides researchers to a clear understanding of the most current topics in business and management. Reports feature balanced, comprehensive coverage written with business curricula, as well as entrepreneurial research in mind.

Content and Features


Reports include an in-depth examination of a single topic, plus ancillaries such as:

  • In-depth bibliographies for the next stage of research
  • Chronologies of key events
  • Graphs and charts with downloadable data for independent analysis
  • Q&As with experts
  • Pro/Cons features

How SAGE Business Researcher supports research

More thorough than newspaper or magazine articles and more timely than scholarly journals and reference works, SAGE Business Researcher helps researchers to see key business and management issues in their proper context. Every report is also linked to additional topic-related SAGE Business & Management content; such as encyclopedia entries, authoritative case studies, zip-code level data series, and videos.

"Issues are completely relevant to current business management themes, and this database also archives issues to provide historical prospective. SAGE Business Researcher is an excellent database for graduates, postgraduates, and those seeking to hone their business skills. Highly recommended.” –American Reference Book Annual

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