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Safalata Ke Liye Jeevan Kaushal

Safalata Ke Liye Jeevan Kaushal (Hindi)

First Edition
  • Alka Wadkar - Former Faculty Member, Department of Psychology, University of Pune.

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Psychology | Study Skills

July 2019 | 424 pages | SAGE Bhasha

Written with a unique and fresh approach, this book will help the readers enhance their personal and professional skills by providing perspectives on everyday life challenges.

Life Skills for Success uses the basics of psychology to explain and help deal with everyday challenges like stress, health, work, personal relationships, communication, assertiveness and self-esteem. It has been written to serve the requirements of students across all courses who will gain critical insight into vital aspects of life by understanding their nature, cause and effect.

This book will be an indispensable resource for students to help them improve their interpersonal skills, social interactions and self-management ability to gain success in personal and professional life. 

Key Features

• Helps understanding of nature, cause, effect and ways to deal with critical challenges in everyday life

• Perspectives from daily aspects like communication difficulties, stress management, anger and fear, team work, proactive thinking, creativity, time management, etc. 

• Application-oriented content provides examples and assignments for self-assessment 

Values and Ethics
Communicating and Thinking
Thinking and Reasoning
Proactive Thinking
Positive Thinking
Fallacies, Misconceptions, and Paradoxes
Emotional Intelligence
Love and Happiness
Anger and Fear
Relating to Others
Transactional Analysis, First Impression, and Presentation Skills
Team Building
Interpersonal Relationships

Alka Wadkar

Alka Wadkar had a bright career throughout her educational endeavors. She has completed her Masters and PhD in psychology with various awards and scholarships. She is associated with various institutes for differently abled individuals, and other educational institutes. She is a trustee of a college of education and is known for free counseling of differently abled stu­dents and their parents. She has a rich experience regarding teaching, research, and socially relevant work. She has taught psychology in the Department of Psychology, University of Pune, for approximately 30 years. She has been successfully guiding research students for PhD... More About Author

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ISBN: 9789353286316