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Rob Potter-Best Article Award 2023

Celebrating outstanding scholarship: Rob Potter—Best Article Award 2023 recognizes pioneering researchers.


Sage is delighted to announce the distinguished Rob Potter—Best Article Award for the year 2023. This award is bestowed on the article deemed the most remarkable in the journal Progress in Development Studies during a calendar year. This year the award goes to "Methodologies for researching feminization of agriculture: What do they tell us?", authored by Cathy Rozel Farnworth, Els Lecoutere, Alessandra Galiè, Bjorn Van Campenhout, Marlène Elias, Markus Ihalainen, Lara Roeven, Preeti Bharati, Ana Maria Paez Valencia, Mary Crossland, Barbara Vinceti, and Iliana Monterroso. We extend our congratulations to the authors.

The selection of this paper was made by the editorial team of the Journal, led by Dr. Catherine Locke, editor of Progress in Development Studies. Elucidating their choice, Dr. Locke said "Our editorial team selected this paper because it combines three things: a commitment to development, a rigorous approach to research, and the kind of reflexivity that is essential for high-quality social science. It ambitiously brings together researchers across six projects to collectively identify critical methodological insights for research on gender relations. Not only do they effectively critique simplistic approaches to the feminization of agriculture, but their persuasive contribution also has resonance for gender research beyond the agricultural sector." 

Upon receiving this award, the authors collectively stated: "What an honour to be selected! We are very proud. This article is a genuine collaborative effort. Rather than parcelling out tasks, we – the authors – prepared this paper by coming together in several online team meetings to discuss our ongoing work on the feminization of agriculture processes. Through this, we learned that our research questions and methods are very different. Finding a common understanding was one of the most important challenges in writing this paper and it created enormous learning in the team. The authors are delighted to donate the cash award to the vital work of the Linda Norgrove Foundation which supports women and children in Afghanistan".

Instituted in 2014, the Rob Potter Award serves as a tribute to the memory of Professor Rob Potter, a luminary in urban geography and the geographies of development. Professor Potter served as the founding Editor-in-Chief of Progress in Development Studies; a flagship journal published by Sage. His enduring contributions to the field continue to inspire and guide scholars in their pursuit of excellence.

As an independent publisher, Sage is free to invest and disseminate articles based on their educational and societal impact, champion diverse perspectives, and research in the field of developmental studies accessible to a wider audience.

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