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Risk, Schooling, and Equity

Risk, Schooling, and Equity

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March 2009 | 363 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Risk, Schooling, and Equity offers insights from a range of theoretical and practical viewpoints into current conceptions of risk and its effect on access to opportunity. The authors challenge existing frameworks and approaches, discuss how children and youth experience and live with risk in and out of school, and suggest ways to reduce institutional barriers to students' full engagement in school. By examining risk at different levels and through different lenses, the volume provides a critical look at both the issues and the venues that allow us to understand the problems that persist as well as the opportunities, spaces, and places for change.

Vivian L. Gadsden, James Earl Davis, and Alfredo J. Artiles
Risk, Equity, and Schooling: Transforming the Discourse: Introduction
Carla O’Connor, Lori Diane Hill, and Shanta R. Robinson
Who’s At Risk in School and What’s Race Got to Do With It?
Fred Wulczyn, Cheryl Smithgall, and Lijun Chen
Child Well-Being: The Intersection of Schools and Child Welfare
Carol D. Lee
Historical Evolution of Risk and Equity: Interdisciplinary Issues and Critiques
Ray McDermott, Jason D. Raley, and Ingrid Seyer-Ochi
Race and Class in a Culture of Risk
Glynda Hull, Jessica Zacher, and Liesel Hibbert
Youth, Risk, and Equity in a Global World
Duane Thomas and Howard Stevenson
Gender Risks and Education: The Particular Classroom Challenges for Urban Low-Income African American Boys
Jin Sook Lee and Kate T. Anderson
Negotiating Linguistic and Cultural Identities: Theorizing and Constructing Opportunities and Risks in Education
Kris D. Gutiérrez, P. Zitlali Morales, and Danny C. Martinez
Re-mediating Literacy: Culture, Difference, and Learning for Students From Nondominant Communities
Angela E. Arzubiaga, Silvia C. Noguerón, and Amanda L. Sullivan
The Education of Children in Im/migrant Families
John Baugh
Linguistic Diversity, Access, and Risk
Sean Joe, Emanique Joe, and Larry L. Rowley
Consequences of Physical Health and Mental Illness Risks for Academic Achievement in Grades K–12
Lalitha Vasudevan and Gerald Campano
The Social Production of Adolescent Risk and the Promise of Adolescent Literacies

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Vivian L. Gadsden

Alfredo J. Artiles

James E. Davis

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