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Rhythms of Academic Life

Rhythms of Academic Life
Personal Accounts of Careers in Academia

First Edition
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536 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This invaluable source book offers guidance, support and advice for those contemplating or involved in academic careers. The contributions provide rich, personal, sometimes poignant and often humorous accounts of shared and unique experiences of those in the world of academia.
Arthur G Bedeian
Lessons Learned along the Way
Twelve Suggestions for Optimizing Career Success

Joan V Gallos
On Becoming a Scholar
One Woman's Journey

Miriam Erez
Rhythms of an Academic's Life
Crossing Cultural Borders

Vance F Mitchell
Stewart Clegg in conversation with John M Jermier
Creating a Career
Observations from outside the Mainstream

Becoming a Teacher
Christina E Shalley
Becoming a Teacher at a Research University
John A Miller
On Learning Why I Became a Teacher
Walter R Nord
Research/Teaching Boundaries
Stella M Nkomo
Teaching as an Act of Scholarship
Doing Research and Getting Published
Edwin A Locke
Using Programmatic Research to Build a Grounded Theory
Mats Alvesson
Developing Programmatic Research
Susan J Ashford
The Publishing Process
A Struggle for Meaning

Kevin R Murphy
Getting Published
J Keith Murnighan
Revising and Resubmitting
Author Emotions, Editor Roles, and the Value of Dialogue

Working with Doctoral Students
Larry L Cummings
The Development of Doctoral Students
Substantive and Emotional Perspectives

Susan J Ashford
Working with Doctoral Students
Reflections on Doctoral Work Past and Present

Linn Van Dyne
Mentoring Relationships
A Comparison of Experiences in Business and Academia

Roderick M Kramer and Joanne Martin
Transitions and Turning Points in Faculty-Doctoral Student Relationships
Getting Tenure
Marilyn E Gist
Getting Tenure
Toni C King
Rounding Corners
An African-American Female Scholar's Pretenure Experiences

Pause Point 1: Integration of Work and Nonwork Lives
James P Walsh
Thoughts on Integrating Your Work and Personal Life (and the Limits of Advice)
Marcy Crary
Holding It All Together
Working Collaboratively
C R Hinings and Royston Greenwood
Working Together
Jane E Dutton, Jean M Bartunek and Connie J G Gersick
Growing a Personal, Professional Collaboration
James G (Jerry) Hunt, Arja Ropo and Päivi Eriksson
Three Voices Reflecting on Scholarly Career Journeys with International Collaboration
Becoming a Reviewer
Elaine Romanelli
Becoming a Reviewer
Lessons Somewhat Painfully Learned

Huseyin Leblebici
The Act of Reviewing and Being a Reviewer
Alan D Meyer
Balls, Strikes, and Collisions on the Base Path
Ruminations of a Veteran Reviewer

Becoming a Journal Editor
Janice M Beyer
Becoming a Journal Editor
Robert I Sutton
Work as a Parade of Decision Letters
Pleasures and Burdens of Being an Associate Editor at the Administrative Science Quarterly

Becoming a Department Chair and an Administrator
Nancy K Napier
Alice in Academia
The Department Chairman Role from Both Sides of the Mirror

Cynthia V Fukami
Herding Cats Part Deux
The Hygiene Factor

Allan R Cohen
Becoming an Administrator
The Education of an Educator

Becoming a Full Professor
Ray V Montagno
On Becoming a Professor
Sara L Rynes
Becoming a Full Professor
Pause Point 2: The Overenriched Work Life
Susan E Jackson
Dealing with the Overenriched Work Life
Working as a Consultant
Philip H Mirvis
Midlife as a Consultant
Mary Ann Von Glinow
Working as a Consultant
Academic Imprimatur or Taboo?

Developing Innovative Teaching Materials
Robert D Marx
Rhythms of an Academic Life
David A Whetten
Reflections on Championing an Innovation in Academe
The Case of Management Skill Education

Working inside the University
Judy D Olian
Breaking Out, inside the University
Paul R Sackett
Working with Policy Makers
Pause Point 3: Another Look at Integrating Work and Nonwork Lives
Robert E Quinn, Regina M O'Neill and Gelaye Debebe
Confronting the Tensions in an Academic Career
Anne Sigismund Huff
Professional and Personal Life
Taking a Sabbatical
André L Delbecq
What's Next after 10 Years as Dean? Reflections of a Reemerging Professor
Meryl Reis Louis
A Sabbatical Journey
Toward Personal and Professional Renewal

A Look at the Future
Raymond E Miles
Business Schools in Transition
A Brief History of Business Education

William H Mobley
The External and Institutional Context of Business Higher Education
Robert B Duncan
The Changing Role of the Business School's Environment
The Threat-Rigidity Response Is Real

Marcia P Miceli
Business Schools in Transition
An Associate Dean's Perspective

Janet P Near
Stakeholders and You
James P Walsh
Embracing Change
We Get By with a Lot of Help from Our Friends

Peter J Frost and M Susan Taylor

Peter J. Frost

M . Susan Taylor

Dr. Susan Taylor is Smith Chair of Human Resource Management & Organizational Change and Co- Director, Center For Leadership, Innovation, & Technology (CLIC) Robert H. Smith School of Business, the University of Maryland at College Park. She earned her doctorate from Purdue University in I/O Psychology and has also been a visiting faculty member at the Amos Tuck School, Dartmouth College, University of Washington, Seattle, School of Administration at Bocconi University, Milan Italy, and the London Business School. More About Author

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