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Rhetoric in Popular Culture

Rhetoric in Popular Culture

Sixth Edition

September 2022 | 344 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The Sixth Edition of Barry Brummett’s Rhetoric in Popular Culture provides readers with in-depth insight into the techniques of rhetorical criticism to analyze the full spectrum of contemporary issues in popular culture. Exploring a wide range of mass media texts including advertisements, magazines, movies, television, popular music, and social media, Barry Brummett presents key rhetorical concepts and applies them with critical analysis to a variety of exciting examples drawn from today's popular culture. Ideal for courses in rhetorical criticism, the new edition includes new and updated sample critical essays and case studies that demonstrate for readers how the critical methods discussed can be used to study the hidden rhetoric of popular culture.
Chapter 1 • Rhetoric and the Rhetorical Tradition
Chapter 2 • Rhetoric and Popular Culture
Chapter 3 • Rhetorical Methods in Critical Studies
Chapter 4 • Varieties of Rhetorical Criticism: INTERVENTION-Understanding
Chapter 5 • Varieties of Rhetorical Criticism: UNDERSTANDING-Intervention
Chapter 6 • Paradoxes of Personalization: Race Relations in Milwaukee
Chapter 7 • Notes from a Texas Gun Show
Chapter 8 • Simulational Selves, Simulational Culture in Groundhog Day
Chapter 9 • Jumping Scale in Steampunk: One Gear Makes You Larger, One Duct Makes You Small
Chapter 10 • The Bad Resurrection in American Life and Culture

"This is an outstanding guide to rhetorical criticism for beginning students. It nicely balances the student's need for structure with a
recognition that criticism is not like baking a cake--it is the best thing that I have ever used to teach criticism."

Bryan Crable
Villanova University

"A good blend of theory and praxis. An introduction to rhetoric and theory that will provide students a good overview if they have never
had a rhetoric class or if it has been awhile since they've had a rhetoric class. And then specific case studies that shows students how
to use those concepts in praxis. All done from a popular cultural lens that is appealing to students!"

Sarah Scott
Arkansas State University

"This is the most accessible textbook you can find for students who are not highly familiar with rhetoric. It provides a solid foundation in
the first chapter, but moves well beyond the Greek legacy. The author has also made some efforts to include diverse voices in the
text, though more could be done in this area."

Steven Paul Melling
University of Missouri - Kansas City

"Brummett's "Rhetoric in Popular Culture" overviews major theoretical approaches to rhetorical criticism and applies them to a variety of
artifacts. The text includes helpful exercises to encourage students to think of criticism not as a rigid checklist but as a critical and
dynamic endeavor. Rooted in the rhetorical tradition but also informed by contemporary thought, the book offers students examples of
criticism and the theory behind critical approaches to language and thought."

Emma Frances Bloomfield
University of Nevada, Las Vegas

"A user friendly textbook that links the rhetorical tradition and rhetorical theory and criticism to rhetorical criticism of pop culture, written
in accessible language with relevant examples for contemporary audiences."

Susan Mackey-Kallis
Villanova University

Barry S. Brummett

Barry Brummett is the Charles Sapp Centennial Professor in Communication Emeritus of the Department of Communication Studies at the University of Texas, Austin. He received his PhD from the University of Minnesota in 1978 and taught at Purdue University and the University of Wisconsin before coming to the University of Texas at Austin in 2001, retiring in 2022. Brummett has authored, coauthored, or edited numerous articles, scholarly essays, and books, including Rhetoric of Style, Clockwork Rhetoric: The Language and Style of Steampunk, Contemporary Apocalyptic Rhetoric, Techniques of Close Reading, Rhetoric of Machine Aesthetics, and The... More About Author

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