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Revolutionize Assessment

Revolutionize Assessment
Empower Students, Inspire Learning

January 2017 | 112 pages | SAGE AdvantEDGE

Confront the emerging assessment crisis in American education

Rick Stiggins details profound changes in the mission of our schools that requires a bold new vision of excellence in assessment in those schools. He combines decades of experience with international research to define a vision that uses assessment to supercharge student learning, not merely measure it—to support student growth, not merely hold schools accountable for it.Revolutionize Assessment

  • Begins with a unique analysis from the student’s point of view of the motivational psychology of being evaluated in the classroom
  • Offers strategies for engaging students in self-assessment in ways that maximize their engagement and confidences as they learn
  • Details the long-missing conditions of classroom assessment literacy that must be in place in local schools for Rick’s vision to become reality
  • Reveals how gains in student achievement can narrow achievement gaps when teachers are given the tools needed to use “assessment for learning”
Foreword by Michael Fullan
1. A Hidden Crisis in American Education
2. To Begin With, We Must Understand This Realm of Educational Assessment
3. Understanding Our Assessment Trap
4. These Are Troubled Times in the Realm of Educational Assessment
5. A New School Mission Demands a New Assessment Vision
6. Assessment for Truly Effective Schools Requires Local School District Leadership
7. A Concluding Message to the Measurement Community

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Richard John Stiggins

Rick Stiggins is the retired founder and president of the Assessment Training Institute in Portland, Oregon, a professional development firm helping educators face the challenges of day-to-day classroom assessment in the context of truly balanced assessment systems. Rick earned a doctoral degree in education measurement from Michigan State University. He began his assessment work on the faculty of Michigan State before becoming a member of the faculty of educational foundations at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. In addition, he has served as director of test development for the ACT, Iowa City, IA; as a visiting scholar at... More About Author


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