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Review of Research in Education

Review of Research in Education
Changing Teaching Practice in P-20 Educational Settings

43rd Edition
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SAGE Publications, Inc
Edited by Terri D. Pigott, Ann Marie Ryan, and Charles Tocci, the purpose of this volume is to present high-quality reviews that examine change to teaching practice from a variety of perspectives and a range of disciplines with an eye toward the enormous scope of the field. Taken as a whole, this volume presents a compelling profile of the core challenges and opportunities facing those engaged in the work of changing teaching practice and those who research these efforts. Divided into four sections, the first section of this volume delves into the history and policy of changing teaching practice, the second set of chapters consider the capacity of teachers to make changes, the third set of chapters review literature examining how to change practice in numerous settings in various ways, and the final section of the volume centers on emerging issues for practice. This volume considers some of the most critical problems facing educators and scholars today: how our history shapes our present-day possibilities, how we develop the capacity of educators to change and improve practice, the innumerable aspects that can be changed, which dimensions of teaching should we prioritize, and what emerging issues will shape this work in the coming years?
Charles Tocci, Ann Marie Ryan, Terri D. Pigott
Introduction: Changing Teaching Practice in PK-20 Educational Settings
Lauri D. Johnson, Yoon K. Pak
Teaching for Diversity: Intercultural and Intergroup Education in the Public Schools, 1920s to 1970s
Donald J. Peurach, David K. Cohen, Maxwell M. Yurkofsky, James P. Spillane
From Mass Schooling to Education Systems: Changing Patterns in the Organization and Management of Instruction
Katrina Liu, Arnetha F. Ball
Critical Reflection and Generativity: Toward a Framework of Transformative Teacher Education for Diverse Learners
Rachel Garrett, Martyna Citkowicz, Ryan Williams
How Responsive Is a Teacher’s Classroom Practice to Intervention? A Meta-Analysis of Randomized Field Studies
Mary M. Kennedy
How We Learn about Teacher Learning
Meghan McGlinn Manfra
Action Research and Systematic, Intentional Change in Teaching Practice
Rebecca Colina Neri, Maritza Lozano, Louis M. Gomez
(Re)framing Resistance to Culturally Relevant Education as a Multilevel Learning Problem
Miranda Suzanne Fitzgerald, Annemarie Sullivan Palincsar
Teaching Practices That Support Student Sensemaking Across Grades and Disciplines: A Conceptual Review
Mariana Souto-Manning, Beverly Falk, Dina López, Lívia Barros Cruz, Nancy Bradt, Nancy Cardwell, Nicole McGowan, Aura Perez, Ayesha Rabadi-Raol, Elizabeth Rollins
A Transdisciplinary Approach to Equitable Teaching in Early Childhood Education
Steve Graham
Changing How Writing Is Taught
Kara Mitchell Viesca, Kathryn Strom, Svenja Hammer, Jessica Masterson, Cindy Hammer Linzell, Jessica Mitchell-McCollough, Naomi Flynn
Developing a Complex Portrait of Content Teaching for Multilingual Learners via Nonlinear Theoretical Understandings
Rhonda Suzanne Bondie, Christine Dahnke, Akane Zusho
How Does Changing “One-Size-Fits-All” to Differentiated Instruction Affect Teaching?
Dolores Perin, Jodi Patrick Holschuh
Teaching Academically Underprepared Postsecondary Students
Philip J. Piety
Components, Infrastructures, and Capacity: The Quest for the Impact of Actionable Data Use on P–20 Educator Practice
M. Shelley Thomas, Shantel Crosby, Judi Vanderhaar
Trauma-Informed Practices in Schools Across Two Decades: An Interdisciplinary Review of Research
Julia Daniel, Karen Hunter Quartz, Jeannie Oakes
Teaching in Community Schools: Creating Conditions for Deeper Learning
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