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Rethinking the Media Audience

Rethinking the Media Audience
The New Agenda

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Audience Studies

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 Are current models of audience research and audience ethnography appropriate to the contemporary media environment? Collectively, the contributors to this volume argue that we need a new agenda to account for the role of the media in every day life. Only this new agenda, they suggest, can adequately account for our ubiquitous, highly reflexive, participation in modern media culture.

Rethinking the Media Audience:

  • Offers a thorough survey of reception studies
  • Argues for a new agenda for reception research and qualtitative analysis
  • Exemplifies the implications of this new agenda for empirical research, as well as social and cultural theory
  • Includes contributions from Ann Gray, Joke Hermes, John Tulloch and David Morley

It will be essential reading for all students of media and cultural studies for not only does it provide a state-of-the-art summary of the field, it also offers a provocative pointer to future directions and trends

Pertti Alasuutari
Three Phases of Reception Studies

Ann Gray
Audience and Reception Research in Retrospect
The Trouble with Audiences

Kim Schr[sl]oder
The Best of both Worlds? Media Audience Research between Rival Paradigms
Joke Hermes
Media Figures in Identity Construction
Pertti Alasuutari
Cultural Images of the Media
Heikki Hellman
Legitimations of Television Programme Policies
Patterns of Argumentation and Discursive Convergencies in a Multichannel Age

Ingunn Hagen
Slaves of the Ratings Tyranny? Media Images of the Audience
John Tulloch
The Implied Audience in Soap Opera Production
Everyday Rhetorical Strategies among Television Professionals

To Be an Audience

Birgitta H[um]oijer
David Morley
`To Boldly Go...'
The `Third Generation' of Reception Studies


Pertti Alasuutari

Pertti Alasuutari is a sociologist, cultural studies scholar, paterfamilias and a highly significant figure in the development of both Finnish and international qualitative research.  His career has gone from strength to strength as regards advancement in Finnish academia, as witnessed by some twenty books, and numerous articles in both Finnish and foreign journals. More About Author

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