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Responsible Finance India Report 2016

Responsible Finance India Report 2016
Client First: Tracking Social Performance Practices

First Edition
  • Alok Misra - Professor, Management Development Institute (MDI), Gurgaon

December 2016 | 164 pages | SAGE India

Responsible Finance India Report is the sixth annual report that provides an account of developments in responsible finance and social performance in microfinance and financial inclusion in India. The report captures the essence of policy, strategy and practice elements of social/responsible performance of the sector catering to the poor and the excluded. The report analyses the current state of policy and performance of different channels on the globally accepted standards of responsible finance.  It assesses the existing practices and products and also documents the new initiatives to present a holistic analysis of the current state of the sector. The report also highlights the role of policy including lenders and investors in shaping the agenda of responsible inclusive finance and the need for their proactive role in institutionalizing responsible finance practices. Going beyond assessment of current performance of policy and practice, the report identifies emerging risks to client-centricity and customer protection and suggests action for policy as well as institutions to strengthen the state of responsible finance for the excluded and the poor in India. The focus of the report is on capturing sector-wide trends rather than on individual performances.

Foreword by Radhika Agashe
Inclusive Finance at the Cusp: Keeping Clients at the Core
MFIs and Responsible Finance: The Journey Continues
Role of MFIN as Self-Regulatory Organization (SRO) in Promoting Responsible Finance
Clients’ Voices: Evidence from the Field
The Lingering Shadows of Risks on Microfinance: A Macro and Micro View
SBLP: Time to Mainstream RF Agenda
New Initiatives and Strengthening Responsible Finance

Alok Misra

Alok Misra, PhD in Development Studies from Victoria University of Wellington, Master in Development Management (Gold Medallist) from Asian Institute of Management, Manila, is currently Professor, Public Policy and Governance Area at Management Development Institute, Gurgaon. He is also a member of the Strategic Advisory Board on Microfinance constituted by NABARD, member of MFIN SRO committee,Board member of Rang De, member of Inclusive Finance India Group of Advisors, and member of Digital Finance working group constituted by ITU, Geneva. He has been trained at Harvard Business School in ‘Strategic Leadership for Microfinance’ and was a... More About Author

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