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Resiliency in African-American Families

Resiliency in African-American Families

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375 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This volume takes an in-depth look at the family resources and coping mechanisms of African Americans. Organized in two sections, the book first examines African American families in a broader context, then moves on to relationships within families. Chapters cover topics such as: growing up and surviving in the inner city; the resilience of families in military and foreign environments, or when faced with a lack of prenatal care, or with single parenthood; healing forces in African American families; and a comparative study of mother-daughter interaction in African American and Asian American families.
Alex Kotlowitz
Breaking the Silence
Growing up in Today's Inner City

Harriet P McAdoo
African-American Families
Strength and Realities

Nancy P Genero
Culture, Resiliency, and Mutual Psychological Development
Michael C Thornton
Indigenous Resources and Strategies of Resistance
Informal Caregiving and Racial Socialization in Black Commmunities

Hamilton I McCubbin
Resiliency in African-American Families
Military Families in Foreign Environments

Marylin L Cantwell and Dorothy I Jenkins
Housing and Neighborhood Satisfaction of Single-Parent Mothers and Grandmothers
Cherie A Bagley and Juanitaelizabeth Carroll
Healing Forces in African-American Families
Carol Sue Holtz
The Lack of Prenatal Care in Poor Urban African-American Postpartal Women
A Phenomenological Study

Michael E Connor
Level of Satisfaction in African-American Marriages
A Preliminary Investigation

Velma McBride Murray
Variation in Adolescent Pregnancy Status
A National Tri-Ethnic Study

William D Allen and William J Doherty
Being There
The Perception of Fatherhood Among a Group of African-American Adolescent Fathers

Su An Arnn Phipps
African-American Couples' Lived Experience of Infertility
Nancy A Gonzales, Yumi Hiraga and Ana Mari Cauce
Observing Mother-Daughter Interaction in African-American and Asian-American Families
Hamilton I McCubbin et al
Resiliency and Coping in `At Risk' African-American Youth and their Families
Hamilton I McCubbin et al
Resilient Families in an Ethnic and Cultural Context

Hamilton I. McCubbin

Elizabeth A. Thompson

Anne I. Thompson

Julie E. Fromer