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Residential Child Care

Residential Child Care
Collaborative Practice

168 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Residential Child Care: Collaborative Practice is an innovative book which addresses the specific context of modern residential child care while promoting collaborative practice within a wider social work setting. The book analyzes the collaborative role of organizations, field workers, parents, teachers, and children, and stresses how these interprofessional relationships are crucial to ensuring children's wellbeing.

Key Features:

  • Is founded on fundamental social work principles, values and ethics
  • Encourages collaborative practice by identifying how each professions' roles differ
  • Seeks to dispel 'barriers' that inhibit effective collaboration
  • Draws upon examples of good practice
  • Includes views and experiences of children and young people
  • Integrates relevant aspects of the social work Benchmark statement

Comprehensive and accessible, the book includes learning outcomes, activities, and case studies to help aid students' understanding. The book successfully balances its theoretical context with a focus on practice, making it an invaluable resource for students and practitioners. It will be useful for social work and social care students, trainee residential workers, and professionals who have an interest in working with looked after children.

Perceptions and Realities in Residential Child Care
What Do We Mean by Collaborative Practice?
Understanding Ethics in Collaborative Practice
Understanding Organizations and Groups in the Context of Collaborative Practice
Social Workers and Residential Workers
The Key Collaborative Relationship

Inter-Professional Collaboration
Working with Health and Education Professionals

Positive about Parents
Working in Partnership

Collaborating with Children and Young People
Children Tell it Like It Is


Sample Materials & Chapters


Ian Milligan

Irene Stevens

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