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Researching Society and Culture

Researching Society and Culture

Third Edition
Edited by:
  • Clive Seale - University of London, UK, Brunel University, UK

656 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Clear, coherent and trusted, this book is the perfect guide to the main social research methods in use today.

The much anticipated Third Edition of Clive Seale's bestselling title further expands its coverage to provide an authoritative introduction to all of the social research methods used to analyze qualitative and quantitative data. Written by internationally renowned experts, every chapter is packed with real world examples, student-friendly learning aids and helpful practical tips.

Highlights of this edition include:

  • Seven new chapters including: Sampling, Structured Data Collection, Narrative Analysis, Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis (IPA), Giving Oral Presentations and Content and Comparative Keyword Analysis
  • A much expanded glossary now boasting more than 500 definitions
  • A re-modeled and expanded website containing lecturer PowerPoint slides, extra chapters not included in the book and downloadable journal articles
  • Revised student exercises, workshops, review questions and key words

An invaluable, practical resource this book is an essential companion for every undergraduate and graduate student starting a methods course or social research project.

Clive Seale
Introduction and Guide to Using This Book
Miran Epstein
Introduction to the Philosophy of Science
David Silverman
Research and Theory
David Silverman
Research and Policy
Suki Ali and Moira Kelly
Ethics and Social Research
Duncan Branley
Doing a Literature Review
Moira Kelly
Research Questions and Proposals
Clare Rutterford
Research Design
Clive Seale
Chetan Bhatt
Doing a Dissertation
Constantinos N Phellas, Alice Bloch and Clive Seale
Structured Methods: Interviews, Questionnaires and Observation
Bridget Byrne
Qualitative Interviewing
Fran Tonkiss
Focus Groups
David Walsh
Doing Ethnography
Ben Gidley
Doing Historical and Documentary Research
Suki Ali
Visual Analysis
Clive Seale
Secondary Analysis and Official Statistics
Clive Seale
Preparing Data for Statistical Analysis
Alice Bloch
Statistical Reasoning: From One to Two Variables
Clive Seale
Statistical Reasoning: Causal Arguments and Multivariate Analysis
Carol Rivas
Coding and Analyzing Qualitative Data
Clive Seale
Generating Grounded Theory
Fran Tonkiss
Discourse Analysis
Tim Rapley
Analyzing Conversation
Ann Griffin and Vanessa May
Narrative Analysis and Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis
Clive Seale and Fran Tonkiss
Content and Comparative Keyword Analysis
Neil Spicer
Combining Qualitative and Quantitative Methods
Carol Rivas
Writing a Research Report
David Silverman
Giving Oral Presentations
Clive Seale
Validity, Reliability and the Quality of Research
Mike Michael
When Things Go Wrong

This is an amazing and adventurous book with wide coverage of core issues in the research methods that are commonly used in many social sciences. The coverage is in-depth and of world-class quality. The examples used are fascinating and perhaps reflect the origins of some authors outside academia, ranging from general practitioner to counsellor and photographer. I was very impressed with the deep analysis of the philosophy of science which was presented in a useful way. Simple topics like sampling and testing hypotheses are covered in highly readable manner. Complex topics like discourse analysis are made easy through the use of short examples based on real-life interviews. The coverage of qualitative methods in a series of chapters is conveniently presented. Each chapter can be read independently. Some other chapters have been moved to an online free access mode, while new chapters have also been added for this edition. The links to online resources are extremely convenient and there are exercises and questions for review with each chapter. The book is highly enjoyable and, through the collaboration of its authors, offers much more value for money than the reader expects
Wendy Olsen
Senior Lecturer, University of Manchester

An updated and expanded version of an excellent collection of insightful essays by experienced researchers which will be of value not only to those new to

research, but also for those more experienced in its practice
Tim May
Director, Centre for Sustainable Urban and Regional Futures, University of Salford

I plan to propose this as a 'core' essential text for our ug methods module for next academic year. I will need to agree this with colleagues, so am currently only listing as a recommended item; if accepted, I anticipate we will order between 10 and 15 copies over the summer, and recommend individual purchases for students.

The book is thorough, offers a range of accessible sections on different methods. It offers a more sophisticated account of key methodological problems/debates e.g. reflexivity and grounding epistemologies/ontologies underpinning different methods, than competitor texts like Bryman.

Dr Peter Manning
Department of Sociology, Liverpool Hope University
March 10, 2016

A good way to introduce students to how to connect important themes in society and culture. Will put it on hold for now.

Humanities Fine Arts Dept, Front Range Community College
December 11, 2014

Very good introduction to the use of cultural studies in a historiographical milieu.

Mr Douglas Watson
Department of History, Univ. of Plymouth
May 29, 2014

This is a pretty comprehensive guide for Sociology students. However, those tending to a more anthropological approach may wish to look elsewhere.

Mr Indranath Neogy
Communication Studies, Hult International Business School
February 13, 2014

A good research methods textbook for first-year undergraduates.

For second year methods modules I still prefer Bryman's Social Research Methods book.

Mr Brian McDonough
Department of Social Sciences, London Metropolitan Uni (City Campus)
November 11, 2013

too specialised

Dr Lmm Houweling
Instituut voor Ecologische Pedagogiek, Hogeschool Utrecht
September 9, 2013

This particular book did not fit my syllabus very well.

Dr Wendy Olsen
Please select your department, Please select your institution
August 29, 2013

An excellent textbook on research methods, written by various contributors, suitable for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. Good use of graphics and colour. a very useful website both for students and lecturers. Each chapter ends with some suggestions for further reading, web links and highlights, and some useful and practical exercises.

Dr Mansour Pourmehdi
Department of Sociology, Manchester Metropolitan University
August 28, 2013

Provides a good insight into sociological research

Dr Mark Malisa
School Of Education, College of St Rose
August 22, 2013

Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter Two

Chapter Eleven

Clive Seale

Clive Seale has been Professor of Sociology (or Medical Sociology) at Goldsmiths and Queen Mary’s (both University of London) and Brunel University. His work has concerned communication in health care and death in modern society. He has published extensively on research methods. His books include Constructing Death: the sociology of dying and bereavement (Cambridge University Press, 1998), The Quality of Qualitative Research (Sage, 1999), Media and Health (Sage, 2003) and Gender and the Language of Illness (Palgrave-Macmillan, 2010, with Jonathan Charteris-Black). Recently, he has turned to fiction, publishing a novel, Interrogating Ellie ... More About Author