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Researching Leisure, Sport and Tourism

Researching Leisure, Sport and Tourism
The Essential Guide

May 2007 | 248 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
What are the essential research methods for students studying leisure, sport, and tourism? What are the main benefits in competing research methods, and how can you avoid gremlins in the research process?

This is a comprehensive and informative book written especially for new and inexperienced researchers in the fields of leisure, sport, and tourism. Unlike generic research texts that do not 'speak' to people in this field, this richly flavored book immediately engages the reader by using subject-specific examples and explaining the central methodological issues in straightforward terms.

By showing students what they can do to assess, manage, and reduce the time they spend on research Researching in Leisure, Sport and Tourism: The Essential Guide will help them achieve a better balance in their course work. It will quickly establish itself as the key methods guide in the field.
Wanting to Know
Ways of Knowing, Ways of Seeing
Finding What is Already There - and Putting It to Use
Subjects, Respondents, Participants and Collaborators
Social Surveys
Setting Questions
Interviewing - Openness with a Sense of Purpose
Observation Techniques - Using Your Eyes and Ears
Interpreting Texts
Evaluation Techniques
Analysing Quantitative Data
Analysing Qualitative Data
Data Display
The Responsibilities of the Researcher
Ways of Seeing, Ways of Thinking
Ways of Writing and Communicating

This book would be useful for any leisure, sport, or tourism student who has no previous knowledge of research methods. Its style and language make it particularly useful for first year students in degree or diploma programs... well conceived and easy to read and understand.

Annals of Tourism Research

I like this book very much. The style of writing is wonderfully clear and the author explains areas such as sampling and significance in a much better way than many very well known texts. It will be an incredibly useful book for students. Though the author eschews a recipe book approach there is a nice balance between reflecting on method and showing the reader how to do research through a pragmatic, best practice approach.

Malcolm Williams
University of Plymouth

clear structure and explanation

Professor Tatjana Seibt
Business Psychology, University of Applied Management
November 9, 2021

An essential text for Leisure, Sport and Sport Tourism students!

Miss Engela Van der klashorst
biokinetics, sport and recreation, University of Pretoria
December 12, 2013

Excellent demonstration of how the research process is applied.

Ms Jane Warren
Academic, SHRM College
November 9, 2012

A good, accessible book with a good range of empirical methods. Have passed onto colleagues in my office.

Dr James Cherrington
Sport and Active Lifestyles, Sheffield Hallam University
August 30, 2012

The book is well written and each chapter helps to reinforce the lecture programme for the modules Research Skills and Work-based Project.

Mr Paul Waltham
Sport and Exercise, North Lindsey College
September 1, 2011

Good entry level text that new students on Lv 4 will really appreciate. Clearly written in a style that aids understanding and will develop their knowledge and ability to apply research techniques to this subject

Mr Shane Thurlow
HE Sport, Bishop Burton College
May 10, 2011

Essential elements associated with research in the fields of leisure, sport and tourism are introduced and explained in a clear manner. This book is informative and easy to read, hence, it is ideal for those who are not familiar with reseach in those fields.

Dr Miyoung Oh
Department of Sport, Sheffield Hallam University
January 20, 2011

A very well written book, and will be very useful for, not only students on my module, but the majority of the tourism programme within the University.

Mr John Newby
Department of Tourism, Sunderland University
September 14, 2010

Jonathan A Long

Initially trained as a geographer, Jonathan has now been researching in the field of leisure studies for 30 years. Prior to joining Leeds Metropolitan University, he was Research Director at the Tourism and Recreation Research Unit and the Centre for Leisure Research in Edinburgh. His experience embraces all stages of the research process from design to dissemination and his research utilises both quantitative and qualitative research techniques. He has extensive experience of managing external contracts having now directed or jointly directed some fifty projects. In the past he has also chaired the management committee of Theatre Workshop... More About Author

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