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Researching Health

Researching Health
Qualitative, Quantitative and Mixed Methods

Second Edition
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November 2012 | 504 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

The Second Edition of Researching Health covers everything that a student or new researcher will need when starting to conduct their own research in a range of healthcare settings. The chapters guide the reader through each specific qualitative, quantitative and mixed method, and show how these work in practice. In the Second Edition, the authors place particular focus on the critical appraisal of research – asking not only how different forms of research can be conducted, but also how we can use the research of others effectively.

Two new chapters have also been included, on:

  • Gender and Health Research
  • Public Health Research

A full companion website accompanies the book, with teaching notes for lecturers and online resources for students.

It will be an ideal companion for undergraduate and graduate students in health programs. The book will also be valuable reading for researchers, academics, managers and practitioners working across the healthcare field.

Introduction: The Context for Researching Health
Competing Health Paradigms and Research Design
Doing a Literature Review on Health
Using Documents in Health Research
Unstructured Interviews and Health Research
Participant Observation in Health Research
The Use of Focus Groups in Research into Health
Action Research and Health
Health Research Sampling Methods
Quantitative Survey Methods in Health Research
Statistical Methods for Health Data Analysis
Randomized Controlled Trials
Experimental Methods in Health Research
The Use of Economics in Health Research
Governance and Ethics in Health Research
Researching Orthodox and Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Researching the Health of Ethnic Minority Groups
Gender and Health Research
Public Health Research
Involving the User in Health Research
Comparative Health Research
Mixed Methods and Multidisciplinary Research in Health Care
Writing up Health Research
Using and Disseminating Health Research

Good book but awaiting students response

Professor Erhabor Idemudia
Psychology Department, North-West University (MC), PB X2046, Mmabatho, 2735, South africa
February 11, 2014

This book was excellent being very readable but full of excellent advice and written in a very reader friendly fashion. A must for nursing students undertaking research

Mrs Lorraine Allan
Veterinary Nursing, Myerscough College
February 6, 2014

A very good book for degree students

Tracy Ross
Department of Health, Social Care, Glyndwr University
January 14, 2014

An excellent guide for tutor and learners understaking their first research assignment- well structure and clear information given in a logical and coherent format

Ms Lesley Allen
care and early years, Dearne Valley College
January 8, 2014

A comprehensive text which brings a relevance for students studying within health care. Understandable and clear in its presentation. The text will also be invaluable for clinicians and academics

Mrs Liz Cade
Health , Glyndwr University
December 20, 2013

A comprehensive text that simplifies and clarifies research methods applicable to healthcare. A pleasure to find such a well written and accessible text in what can often be a confusing area for students.

Mrs Vivien Perry
Health and social care, Bedfordshire University
November 22, 2013

A book that has been recommended as a resources for all students.

Dr Camille Cronin
Department of Health and Human Sciences, Essex University
November 5, 2013

A useful reference book

Mrs Elizabeth Gormley-Fleming
School of Nursing, Hertfordshire University
November 4, 2013

Too limited in approach for the intended course. But a good book

Dr Birgitta Falk
Academy of health and working life, Gavle University
October 30, 2013

Any useful resource for health researchers. I particularly like the section on mixed methods and multidisciplinary research. The exercises at the end of some chapters are a great way to stimulate learning and test knowledge and understanding.

Dr Khim Horton
School of Health and Social Care, University of Surrey
September 24, 2013
  • A new chapter on public health research (chapter 19)
  • A new chapter on gender and health research (chapter 18)
  • Chapter 2 has been revised to include discussion of research design
  • The chapters on writing up health research and getting published have been separated to give more focus to these two areas
  • Throughout the book, the authors have given more consideration to mixed methods, critical appraisal and research ethics

Mike Saks

 Professor Mike Saks is Research Professor at University Campus Suffolk (UCS), whose partners include the University of Essex and the University of East Anglia which are collaborating in the development of UCS. He studied at the University of Lancaster, University of Kent and the London School of Economics – at the latter of which he obtained a PhD in Sociology – and is a current Fellow of the Institute of Directors. He was formerly Senior Pro Vice Chancellor and Deputy to the Vice Chancellor at the University of Lincoln from 2002 to 2010, which enjoyed a steep rise in profile in this period. Before that he was Dean of the Faculty of... More About Author

Judith Allsop

In recent years, she has investigated the dynamics of complaints and disputes in health care settings and received funding from the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), the Department of Health and local health authorities. She also carried out a study of the role of patient and carer groups in representing and promoting the interests of people with particular illnesses and conditions. This was funded by the ESRC. More About Author

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