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Research Methods in Early Childhood

Research Methods in Early Childhood
An Introductory Guide

Fourth Edition
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December 2022 | 448 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Research methods is a challenging topic for many students. When you are new to research you need a step-by-step guide which introduces the subject area in a clear and accessible way. This book does exactly that. Designed with the early childhood student in mind, this book is the companion to your research journey. Following a progressive structure this book leads you logically through the processes needed to design and carry out meaningful and ethical research.

This Fourth Edition includes:

  • Two new chapters, separating out quantitative data analysis and qualitative data analysis
  • A reader guide at the beginning of the book to aid navigation.
  • Research in Focus boxes, which introduce you to real world examples of international research
  • Activities to help cement knowledge and understanding.
  • Case Studies which describe examples and scenarios of real student research, which demonstrate best practice and show how to present findings.
  • An extended glossary to support readers in learning complicated terminology.

Online resources complement this new edition, offering valuable resources for instructions and students including:

  • Author videos, offering tips and explanations.
  • Flashcard glossary to consolidate learning
  • MCQs to test understanding
  • Free journal articles for wider reading
  • PowerPoint slides
Planning Your Research Study
Research Design
The Research Proposal
Reviewing The Literature
Paradigms And Principles
Positivist Research
Beyond Positivism: Interpretivism, ‘Critical’ Theories, Post-Structuralism And Post-Humanism
Listening To Young Children
Approaches To Research
Case Studies
Action Research
Using Documents And Visual Texts
Journaling As A Research Tool
Creative Methods For Listening To Children In Research
Analysing And Sharing Your Findings
Analysing And Presenting Quantitative Data
Qualitative Methods Of Data Analysis
Writing Up And Sharing Your Findings


This books provides a good level of depth to support students to complete their dissertations and plan research projects. It introduces a range of terms and is user friendly

Miss Katie Ann Lee
School of Social Sciences and Law, Oxford Brookes University
August 22, 2023

Penny Mukherji

Deborah Albon

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