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Research Methods and Design in Psychology

Research Methods and Design in Psychology

200 pages | Learning Matters
This accessible introductory text addresses the core knowledge domain of research methods. It provides concise coverage of the central concepts, techniques, problems and debates in this key area, while encouraging a critical approach and developing students' higher level skills.

Activities help readers build the underpinning generic critical thinking and transferable skills they need in order to become independent learners, and to meet the relevant requirements of their programme of study.

The text provides core information on designing psychology research studies with key chapters on both quantitative and qualitative designs. Other chapters look at ethics, common problems, and advances and innovations.

Designing Psychology Research Studies
Levels of Measurement
Experimental Designs
Time Course Studies
Correlational Designs
Introducing Qualitative Design
Qualitative Data Collection
Qualitative Data Analysis
Mixed Methods
Common Problems
Report Writing

Excellent book that will be recommended for my students preparing a research project.

Mrs Chrissie Louise Draper
Derby College, Derby College
October 20, 2015

Great resource for those new to research

Miss Rachel East
Heath Care, Warrington Collegiate
December 18, 2014

Thanks. Very interesting overview with good examples.

Professor Ewald Mittelstaedt
Engineering and Business Managment, South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences
September 1, 2014

What a perfect text book for level 4? Absolutely what i was looking for.

Dr Christine Campbell
Psychology , St Mary's College
September 12, 2013

This is a great starting point for students who want a clear and basic introduction to \research methods. Each chapter takes you through an understanding of the various components you will need to consider in a Undergraduate Reseach project.

Ms Jo Cruywagen
Department of Psychology, Roehampton University
November 2, 2012

A thorough grounding in the key areas of research design and the application of various research methods. well structured and very easy to follow. A good text for social work students to see the range of methods and how they can be used.

Mr Iain Campbell-King
Faculty of Health and Social Care (Southwark), London South Bank University
October 31, 2012

Complete, accessible, very well structured

Dr Alessandra Fasulo
Psychology, Portsmouth University
May 17, 2012

A powerpack for starting researchers. Really informative introductions to a couple of different resarch designs and into data analysis.

Ms Elizabeth San Miguel
Business Administration , HAAGA-HELIA University of Applied Scie
May 9, 2012

Not a suitable scholarly level for our students

Dr Patrick Hylton
Psychology department, Lincoln University
March 29, 2012

Our existing texts had this material covered.

Dr Jonathan Peirce
Psychology, Nottingham University
December 20, 2011

Paul Richardson

Paul Richardson is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Sheffield Hallam University. He is a neuropsychologist, with particular research interests in atypical child development and the neural correlates of psychopathological disorders. He currently organises and teaches modules on research methods and statistics at both undergraduate and post-graduate level. More About Author

Allen Goodwin

Allen Goodwin is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Sheffield Hallam University. He is a visual psychophysicist who has been involved in the teaching of research methodology and statistics for the past ten years across a variety of institutions. Currently he is responsible for the delivery of Research Methods and Statistics for both undergraduate and post graduate courses at Sheffield Hallam University. More About Author

Emma Vine

Emma Vine is a Lecturer in Psychology at Sheffield Hallam University. She is a qualitative methodologist, specialising in Discursive and Rhetorical psychology. Her work focuses on the interaction of the Media, Law and Politics. She has taught research methods to both undergraduates post graduate student, for several years. More About Author