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Research in Psychology

Research in Psychology

Ten Volume Set
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December 2014 | 3 696 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This ten-volume set brings together two collections on research in psychology to encompass quantitative and qualitative methods.

Qualitative Research in Psychology

This five-volume collection maps the terrain of qualitative psychology, using classic papers from the last 25 years to document key principles, orientations and virtues, and drawing on more recent papers to delineate current trends, innovations, and debates.  The volumes are structured chronologically to enable understanding of developments and trends in field, running from the foundations (volume 1) to contemporary issues (volume 5).  This major work is designed to serve students, faculty, practitioners and educators with an interest in qualitative research within psychology and other social science disciplines.

Quantitative Psychology

Quantitative psychology is a branch of psychology developed using certain methods and approaches which are designed to answer empirical questions, such as the development of measurement models and factor analysis.  While quantitative psychology is often associated with the use of statistical models and psychological measurement research methods, this five volume set draws together the key conceptual and methodological techniques and addresses each research question at length.  Each volume is accompanied by an introduction which contextualises the subject area, giving an understanding of established theories and how they are continuing to develop in one of the most fundamental and broadly researched psychological fields.

Brendan Gough

Jeremy Miles

Jeremy Miles, RAND Corporation, USA. More About Author

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