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Research for Designers

Research for Designers
A Guide to Methods and Practice

Third Edition

November 2024 | 394 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Design is everywhere: it influences how we live, what we wear, how we communicate, what we buy, and how we behave.  In order for designers to design for the real world and define strategies, rather than just implement them, they need to learn how to understand and solve complex, intricate, and often unexpected problems. Research for Designers is a guide to this new, evidence-based creative process.

Taking a step-by-step approach through the basics of research, and highlighting the importance of data, the third edition of Research for Designers includes: 

- A new chapter on discourse and narrative methods 
- New coverage of coding and thematic analysis
- An augmented section on research ethics, with a decolonising research approach 
- Even more real-world cases 
- New suggested further reading and exercises at the end of each chapter.

Incorporating interviews with design experts from across the globe, Research for Designers is an essential guide for anyone doing research in Design Studies or looking to develop their design research skills.
1 Introduction
2 Change by design
3 Design as practice, research and thinking
4 Research essentials
5 Ethnographic research
6 Qualitative research
7 Quantitative research
8 User experience (UX) research
9 Visual research
10 Applied research
11 Presenting your research
12 Conclusion

A deep understandingof context is the foundation for designing effective and sustainable ways to tackle the large, interrelated problems we face today. It takes more than one type of research to fully explore these complex design challenges,and Research for Designers answers that need.

Bruce Mau
CEO, Massive Change Network

This book makes an important contribution to our understanding of how people and communities can use advanced design research to solve emergent, complex, and multi-dimensional social problems.

Fethi Mansouri
UNESCO Chairholder, Cultural Diversity and Social Justice

Gjoko Muratovski

Gjoko MuratovskiStanford University, USAGjoko Muratovski is an award-winning designer, researcher and innovation consultant working with a wide range of universities, Fortune 500 companies, NGO’s, and various governments from around the world. Throughout his career, he has held numerous leadership and high-profile appointments at various academic and professional institutions. He holds a PhD in Design Research and Corporate Communication Strategies.Currently, Muratovski is working with the Institute for Innovation in Developing Economies at Stanford University (USA) on the introduction of design-led innovation strategies in Africa and... More About Author

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