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Research Design

Research Design
Donald Campbell's Legacy

Edited by:
  • Leonard Bickman - Vanderbilt University, USA and Florida International University, USA

January 2000 | 264 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Leading social research methodologists and evaluators address the issues of research design in this second of two volumes inspired by the work on Donald Campbell and sponsored by the American Evaluation Association. The book considers issues such as: quasi-experimentation; the proposed conduct of social inquiry; ways to take account of threats to validity; plausible rival hypotheses in measurement and design; subject selection and loss in randomized experiments; the use of evaluation to assess the validity of computer simulations; method variance; and time series experiments. Applied researchers who want to improve their research designs will find this book a compelling and thought-provoking read.
David Rindskopf
Plausible Rival Hypotheses in Measurement, Design and Scientific Theory
William R Shadish
The Empirical Program of Quasi-Experimentation
William D Crano
The Multitrait-Multimethod Matrix as Synopsis and Recapitulation of Campbell's Views on the Proper Conduct of Social Inquiry
Lee Sechrest et al
Understanding 'Method' Variance
Chares S Reichardt
A Typology of Strategies for Ruling out Threats to Validity
Stephen G West and Brad J Sagarin
Participant Selection and Loss in Randomized Experiments
Donald Rubin, Jennifer L Hill and Neal Thomas
The Design of the New York School Choice Scholarship Program Evaluation
Jay Magidson
On Models Used to Adjust for Pre-Existing Differences
Richard A Berk et al
Computer Simulations as Experiments: Using Program Evaluation Tools to Assess the Validity of Interventions in Virtual Worlds
Richard D McCleary
Evolution of the Time Series Experiment
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Leonard B. Bickman

Leonard Bickman, Ph.D., is Professor of Psychology, Psychiatry and Public Policy. He is director of the Center for Evaluation and Program Improvement and Associate Dean for Research at Peabody College. He earned his Ph.D. in psychology (social) from the City University of New York, his master's degree in experimental psychopathology from Columbia University and his bachelor's from the City College of New York. Professor Bickman is a nationally recognized leader in program evaluation and mental healthservices research on children and adolescents. He has published more than 15 books and monographs and 180 articles and chapters and has been... More About Author

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