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Reorienting Orientalism

Reorienting Orientalism

First Edition
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Social Theory

March 2006 | 236 pages | SAGE India
This collection of eleven essays re-evaluates Edward Said’s definition of ‘orientalism’ widely misconstrued as being merely postcolonial and contestable. The volume emphasizes the need to move beyond the prejudice and stereotyping tied to the context of colonial exploitation. It challenges the assumption that oriental studies only served to segregate cultures and undermine the oriental peoples’ capacity for self-formation.

This book shows how cultures can generate studies of themselves on their own and that the impetus for such work was clearly noticeable at least in Indian cultural scholarship during the colonial period. The contributors bring to light the orientals’ ordering of themselves and expose the fallacy that western imperialist discourse defined and described us. In the process, they draw upon Said`s distinction between ‘oriental studies’ and ‘orientalism’.
Supriya Chaudhuri
Kitty Scoular Datta
Iskandar, Alexander: Oriental Geography and Romantic Poetry
Ananya Jahanara Kabir
`Oriental Gothic': The Medieval Past in the Colonial Encounter
Pallabi Chakravorty
The Limits of Orientalism: Classical Indian Dance and the Discourse of Heritage
Sonali Barua
`Truth Is, at the Moment, Here': Adrienne Rich and The Ghazal
Prodosh Bhattacharya
Two Occidental Heroines through Oriental Eyes
Chandreyee Niyogi
Orientalism and Its Other(s): Re-reading Marx on India
Sudeshna Banerjee
Reading `the Poverty of India': A Critical Engagement with the Saidian Interpretation of Orientalism
Subhasis Biswas
Imaging the Nature of the Orient: Some Contradictions behind Colonial Forest Policies in India
Perundevi Srinivasan
Can We Cross the Chasm? Agency and Orientalist Discourse in the Colonial Tamil Context
Rimi B Chatterjee
The `Octopodal Idea': Vincent Smith, Oxford University Press and the Histories of India
David Ewick
Undreamt by Tyrants and Orthodoxies: Edward Said, Orientalism and the Politics of Cyberspace

Chandreyee Niyogi

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