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Religion, Violence and Political Mobilisation in South Asia

Religion, Violence and Political Mobilisation in South Asia

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Development Studies

September 2005 | 228 pages | SAGE India
This volume provide a multidisciplinary thematic exploration of religious violence in South Asia. The contributors examine the actual organization of violence, the role of governmental agencies and state authorities, the socio-economic conditions that contribute to violence, and the long-term consequences of such violence.

Providing original ethnographic accounts from sites of violence in South Asia it:

- map the contemporary discourse on Hindu-Muslim violence and focus on the causes of communal violence as well as its long-term consequences;

- situate the nation-state within the incidents of violence-variously termed ethnic, communal and everyday violence - that simultaneously frame and challenge the authority of the state;

- locate the current discussion on violence and the state in Pakistan, and provide a general thematic overview of religion and state institutions in Pakistan;

- discuss the specific locality-based socio-economic conditions that contribute to violence;

- expand various categories of violence to present a South Asian perspective in regard to the current western discourse on `global terrorism'.

Francis Robinson
Ravinder Kaur
Mythology of Communal Violence
An Introduction

Paul R Brass
The Body as a Symbol in the Production of Hindu-Muslim Violence
Jan Breman
Communal Upheaval as the Resurgence of Social-Darwinism
Dipankar Gupta
Between Ethnicity and Communalism
The Significance of the Nation State

Thomas Blom Hansen
Sovereigns beyond the State
On Legality and Public Authority in India

Ian Talbot
Understanding Religious Violence in Contemporary Pakistan
Themes and Theories

Oskar Verkaaik
On Terror and Sacrifice
Bj[um]orn Hettne
South Asia and the War against Terrorism

This book is a useful addition to the literature on religion and violence. Nevertheless, despite its South Asian title, it is confined to the Indian subcontinent. Interesting comparisons could be drawn with the situation elsewhere in the region including in particular Sri Lanka, but also Nepal.

Journal of Punjab Studies

Ravinder Kaur

Ravinder Kaur is Research Fellow at International Development Studies, Roskilde University, Denmark. Her most recent work is Narratives of Resettlement: Past, Present and Politics among the 1947 Punjabi Migrants in Delhi (forthcoming). More About Author

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