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Relationship-Driven Classroom Management

Relationship-Driven Classroom Management
Strategies That Promote Student Motivation

September 2012 | 248 pages | Corwin
`John M Vitto provides a wealth of material for teachers that can be applied immediately in the classroom' - Brenda Waugh, PAR Consulting Teacher Resource Specialist Newhall School District, California

`Brimming with insights and practical ideas, this book should be in the hands of every teacher. I enthusiastically recommend this book for teachers in training, experienced and veteran teachers, and administrators searching for effective strategies and techniques for the classroom' - Robert Wubbolding, Director Center for Reality Therapy Cincinnati, Ohio

Educational research has shown that caring, positive relationships between educators and students leads to increased student achievement, motivation, and resilience. John M Vitto will provide educators with the knowledge and skills to build positive relationships with students and foster social-emotion learning. The author uses the term "relationship-driven discipline" to describe his techniques, which are based solidly in the research of resiliency, risk, and classroom management. By integrating relationship-driven discipline, teachers can raise student achievement, create a more positive classroom environment, and help in the long-term prevention of future risk (such as drug use or other risky behaviours). Furthermore, he asserts that relationship-driven discipline can also increase student motivation.

This is the only book to combine resiliency, classroom management, and discipline. It differs from other classroom management books in its focus on preserving and enhancing teacher-student relationships for improved classroom management by enhancing teacher-student connections, this approach also promotes social-emotional competency and protects children from future risk the author provides concise and complete foundation in concepts such as resiliency along with specific techniques for translating theory into practice.

Important features of the book include:

· Numerous case examples drawn from the author's experience as a school psychologist working with teachers and students.

· Questions at the end of each chapter promote teacher self-evaluation, reflection, and group discussion

· Classroom strategies and tips that can be implemented immediately

· Chapter objectives and chapter summaries help readers navigate the text and locate important information easily

· Recommended resources in each chapter can be used for further study and professional development

An important resource for teachers at all levels and anyone who works with teachers. Counsellors will also find this a useful guide to helping teachers incorporate relationship-building techniques as a means of improving the classroom environment.

About the Author
Part I: Preventive Strategies
1. Relationship-Driven Classroom Management and Resilience
2. Attributes of the Relationship-Driven Teacher
3. Proactive Classroom Management Strategies
4. Strengthening Relationships With Students
5. Teaching and Modeling Social-Emotional Skills
6. Enhancing Student Motivation
7. Cultivating Student Responsibility
Part II: Reactive Strategies
8. Creating and Implementing Effective Consequences
9. Building Relationships With Difficult and Resistant Students
10. Reflecting on Your Classroom Management Skills
Resource: Further Strategies for Adapting Instruction

"I feel this book appeals to all teachers, especially teachers who must deal with difficult students. The book is well organized and user friendly, with lots of practical examples using real students."

Brenda Waugh, PAR Consulting Teacher, Resource Specialist
Newhall School District, CA

"Brimming with insights and practical ideas, this book should be in the hands of every teacher. I enthusiastically recommend this book for teachers in training, experienced and veteran teachers, and administrators searching for effective strategies and techniques for the classroom."

Robert Wubbolding, Director
Center for Reality Therapy, Cincinnati, OH

"Relationship-Driven Classroom Management is a top recommendation. Vitto offers practical, supportive, research-based strategies that will benefit teachers and students."

Roger Weissberg, Executive Director
Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL)

"As I work with new teachers, this book shares numerous tips and strategies that have been overlooked in teaching methodology courses, or curricular workshops. This book will make a great contribution to education for those who read it and enjoy it."

Karen Harvey, Program Coordinator
Santa Clarita BTSA, CA

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Chapter 1: Relationship-Driven Classroom Management

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John M. Vitto

John M. Vitto is a parent, special educator, school psychologist, and author. He specializes in behavior management, prevention programs, solution-focused counseling, reality therapy, and con­flict resolution. In addition to his work in schools, he has worked in two psychiatric hospitals and in private practice. John is an adjunct instructor at Mount Union College. He is a member of the National Association of School Psychologists, Council for Exceptional Children, and the American School Counseling Association. John has presented at state conferences on relation­ship building, conflict management, and the creation of optimal... More About Author

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