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Relational Counselling and Psychotherapy

Relational Counselling and Psychotherapy

October 2024 | 208 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This book is your essential introduction to relational counselling and psychotherapy. It maps out relational concepts and approaches by drawing on humanistic, psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioural and systemic modalities, using case material to demonstrate different ways of being a relational practitioner.

The book shows you how to use relationally orientated skills, competencies, interventions and practices across the therapy process from beginning – middle – end. Content on the social context, on issues of power, diversity and difference, support your personal and professional development.

Supported by case studies, recent research and a wealth of learning features, this book will support your development as a relational therapist


Chapter 1 Introduction to “relational” therapy?
Chapter 2 Core elements of relational therapy
Chapter 3 Active listening and responding relationally
Chapter 4 Relational therapy across therapeutic modalities
Chapter 5 Relational therapy and the social context
Chapter 6 Contracting and beginning relationally
Chapter 7 Relational inquiry and interventions
Chapter 8 Handling stuckness, conflict and rupture
Chapter 9 Working relationally with endings

Linda Finlay

Dr Linda Finlay is a relational-centred, existential Integrative Psychotherapist and Supervisor (UKCP registered) in private practice in York, UK. She also teaches psychology and counselling at the Open University (UK) and works as a freelance academic consultant. She has published many books and articles on psychotherapy, occupational therapy, reflexivity and phenomenological research. Her most recent books are psychotherapeutically focused: Relational Integrative Psychotherapy: Engaging Process and Theory in Practice (Wiley); Practical Ethics: A relational approach (Sage); and The therapeutic use of self in... More About Author

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