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Refounding Democratic Public Administration

Refounding Democratic Public Administration
Modern Paradoxes, Postmodern Challenges

Edited by:
  • James F. Wolf - Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, USA

416 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The contributors to this volume contend that the North American political system is undergoing a serious governmental crisis - political leaders know only how to campaign, not how to gain consensus on goals or direct a course that is to the good of the nation. Public administration is therefore forced to compensate for the growing inadequacy of the `leaders', and with a normative-based body of theorizing, perform its key role of governance within a democratic system of polycentric power.

The book offers a revisualization of the relationship between public servants and the citizens they serve, and a continuing discourse on how public administration can constructively balance forces of change and stability in order for democracy to evolve and mature.

Gary L Wamsley and James F Wolf
Can a High-Modern Project Find Happiness in a Postmodern Era?

Richard T Green and Lawrence Hubbell
On Governance and Reinventing Government
Larkin Dudley
Fencing in the Inherently Governmental Debate
Joy A Clay
Public-Institutional Processes and Democratic Governance
John A Rohr
What a Difference a State Makes
Reflections on Governance in France

James F Wolf
Moving beyond Prescriptions
Making Sense of Public Administration Action Contexts

Thomas J Barth
Administering in the Public Interest
The Facilitative Role for Public Administrators

O C McSwite
Postmodernism, Public Administration and the Public Interest
Larry M Lane
The Public Administration and the Problem of the Presidency
Camilla Stivers
Refusing to Get It Right
Citizenship, Difference and the Refounding Project

Lisa Weinberg
Understanding Social Processes
The Key to Democratic Governance

Linda F Dennard
The Maturation of Public Administration
The Search for a Democratic Identity

John H Little
Thinking Government
Bringing Democratic Awareness to Public Administration

Gary L Wamsley
A Public Philosophy and Ontological Disclosure as the Basis for Normatively Grounded Theorizing in Public Administration

James F. Wolf

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