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Reflections and Mobilizations

Reflections and Mobilizations
Dialogues With Movements and Voluntary Organizations

First Edition

December 2004 | 436 pages | SAGE India
`There has been an unprecented flourishing of new social movements around the world in recent years. This revival has opened our eyes to wider horizons, and strengthened our confidence in the fact that "another world is possible". Giri's book gives inspiring glimpses of this process' - Jean Dreze, Visiting Professor, Delhi School of Economics


`A book that gives voice to the unsuing heroes of the worldwide strugle for social justice... and which the huge reservoir of creativity that resides in contemporary social movements' -

John Clammer, Professor of Comparative Culture, Sophia University, Tokyo

This unusual book is about a more humane world in the making. It describes the visions, experiments, struggles and aspirations of several social movements and voluntary organizations from India and other parts of the world which are striving to realize new modes of human development in various fields—education, religion, human rights, tribal development and community development. The author shows how these movements and organizations touch on many key contemporary issues—self-development, reconstitution of public space and reconstruction of government.

The book is structured as a series of dialogues where the participants critique their lives, as also their organizations or movements. The objective of putting together these dialogues is to facilitate a learning process between scholars and activists and across movements and organizations.

C T Kurien
Foreword C T Kurien
The Struggle for Life and Light
Agragamee and the Management Functions for Human Liberation

Fighting Displacement and Dispossession
Reflecting on the Strivings of Agragamee and Action Aid for the Poor and Tribals around the Indravati Project of Orissa

Samajik Seva Sadan
A Journey

We Make the Road by Walking
Jana Bikash Kendra and the Striving to Create Collective Foundations of Prosperity and Well-Being

Housing Movements in Contemporary India
Some Examples from Kerala

Narratives of Creative Transformations
Constituting Critical Movements in Contemporary American Culture

Pee for Free with Dignity
Towards a New Mode of Embodiment of Responsibility
Impersonal Wealth and the Spiritual Regeneration of Social Capital

Globalization of Hinduism
Swadhyaya in England and Sai Baba in Bali

Education for Self-Transformation and Social Change
A School for the Subject
The Vision and Experiments of Integral Education

Self-Development and Voluntary Action
Reflections and Mobilizations: Development as Global Responsibility

Ananta Kumar Giri

Ananta Kumar Giri is currently on the faculty of Madras Institute of Development Studies, Chennai, India and has worked and taught in many universities in India and abroad including Free University,Amsterdam, University of Kentucky, Aalborg University, Denmark and Albert Ludwigs Universität, Freiburg, Germany where he was a Humboldt Fellow (2006–2007). He has an abiding interest in social movements and cultural change, criticism, creativity and contemporary dialectics of transformations, theories of self, culture and society, and ethics in management and development. Dr Giri has written more than a dozen books in Oriya and English. Among... More About Author

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