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Reflection in CBT

Reflection in CBT

December 2015 | 216 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Developing skills and competency in CBT is a complex process of which self-observation and self-reflection are an essential part. In this new book, leading figures Beverly Haarhoff and Richard Thwaites outline the rationale for a focus on self-reflective practice in CBT, before offering practical and accessible guidelines demonstrating how this can be achieved in training and practice.

Highlighting relevant research throughout and using case studies to illustrate theory in practice, ten chapters consider:

-       reflection in training and in supervision and self-supervision,

-       reflecting on the therapeutic relationship, on our sociocultural perceptions and biases and on client feedback

-       how reflection is vital to self-care and to becoming a better therapist, supervisor and trainer.

This is an essential read for trainees in both high and low intensity CBT programmes, those on broader CBT courses, and for qualified practitioners working independently to enhance their self-reflective capacity.

Reflection in CBT: Becoming better therapists, supervisors and trainers - Beverly Haarhoff and Richard Thwaites
Bringing CBT supervision alive: Maximising the role of supervisor and supervisee reflection - Richard Thwaites and Beverly Haarhoff
Developing your self-supervision practice: Using reflection to increase therapeutic effectiveness and enhance CBT skill development - Richard Thwaites and Beverly Haarhoff
Reflecting on the therapeutic relationship in CBT - Beverly Haarhoff and Richard Thwaites
Reflecting on our sociocultural background: Becoming more culturally sensitive and effective CBT therapists - Beverly Haarhoff and Richard Thwaites
Client feedback: an essential input to therapist reflection - James Hawkins, Richard Thwaites and Beverly Haarhoff
Reflection in CBT training - Peter Armstrong
Experiencing CBT for yourself: Using self-practice and self-reflection (SP/SR) to develop therapeutic competence and metacompetence - Richard Thwaites and Beverly Haarhoff
Reflection in Low Intensity CBT: challenges and practice-based innovations - Paul Farrand, Kat Rayson and Faye Small
Using self-reflection to promote CBT therapist self-care - Beverly Haarhoff and Richard Thwaites

This is an important book in the journey of CBT: a book that has needed to be written. With the greatest of pleasure I can report that the authors have done an admirable job. 

James Bennett-Levy, Associate Professor in Mental Health
University of Sydney

This is a comprehensive, well-researched and well-organised book that is valuable for CBT practitioners at all levels of experience and that offers the reader an original approach to becoming a more effective CBT therapist. 

Sarah Corrie, Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Visiting Professor
Middlesex University

I encourage you to engage with, reflect deeply upon and carry forward the insights, challenges and strategies offered to you in this masterful treatment of reflection in CBT. 

Michael Worrell, Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Programme Director
London CBT Training Centre

A practical and accessible book. The chapter on self-practice/self-reflection has been particularly useful for our course.

Dr Matthew Selman
Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, Northumbria University
October 16, 2020

This is a useful additional source for the self practice self reflection part of our CBT programme. The layout is clear and helpful, a lot of it is helpful for this group but there are also some really useful sections for therapists with more experience which are really useful

Ms Megan Edwards
College of Medicine & Health, University College Cork (NUI)
November 28, 2017

This is indeed very helpful, especially for my CBT trainees who are in placement to employ the best of the supervision they receive either from myself or supervisors at placements. It will be adopted as an essential reading from September 2016

Dr George Varvatsoulias
Counselling, Newham College of Further Education
April 25, 2016

Sample Materials & Chapters

Reflection in CBT: Introduction

Beverly Haarhoff

Beverley Haarhoff is Senior Lecturer in the School of Psychology at Massey University, Auckland, New Zealand.  More About Author

Richard Thwaites

Richard Thwaites is Clinical Director for First Step, Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.  More About Author

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