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Reconstructing the Psychological Subject

Reconstructing the Psychological Subject
Bodies, Practices, and Technologies

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Social Psychology

November 1997 | 256 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Reconstructing the Psychological Subject offers a comprehensive overview of key debates on subjectivity and the subject in psychological theory and practice. In addition to social constructionÆs long engagement with social relations, this volume addresses questions of the body, technology, intersubjectivity, writing, and investigative practices. An international cast of contributors explore the tensions and opposing viewpoints raised by these issues and shows how analyzing the psychological subject interrelates with reforming the practices of psychology. Drawing on perspectives that include feminism, dialogics, poststructuralism, hermeneutics, Lacanian psychoanalysis, and cultural or social studies of science, readers are guided through pivotal debates in the field. Reconstructing the Psychological Subject will be invaluable reading for students and academics in psychology, social constructionism, communication studies, and social studies of science.
Betty M Bayer
Reenchanting Constructionist Inquiries

Edward E Sampson
Life as an Embodied Art
The Second Stage - Beyond Constructionism

John Shotter
Social Construction as Social Poetics
Oliver Sacks and the Case of Dr P

Kareen Ror Malone
Feminism and Psychoanalysis Consider Sexuality and the Symbolic Order
Would Social Construction Join Us?

Ben Bradley
Two Ways To Talk about Change
`The Child' of the Sublime versus Radical Pedagogy

Susan E Hawes
Positioning a Dialogic Reflexivity in the Practice of Feminist Supervision
Kenneth J Gergen
The Ordinary, the Original and the Believable in Psychology's Construction of the Person
Michael Billig
Repopulating Social Psychology
A Revised Version of Events

Henderikus J Stam, Ian Lubek and H Lorraine Radtke
Repopulating Social Psychology Texts
Disembodied `Subjects' and Embodied Subjectivity

Betty M Bayer
Between Apparatuses and Apparitions
Phantoms of the Laboratory

Jill Morawski
The Return of Phantom Subjects

Betty Bayer

John Shotter

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