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Real Estate Finance in India

Real Estate Finance in India

First Edition

February 2014 | 368 pages | SAGE Response
The book offers a concise yet comprehensive understanding of real estate finance in India. The central themes of this book are functioning, instruments, and decision analysis related to home loans and residential mortgage banking. These themes are also extended to commercial real estate borrowing and secondary markets.

The chapters are organized to offer practically useful and theoretically sound knowledge of real estate finance. Realistic scenarios, examples, expert opinions, illustrations, and, most importantly, hands-on financial exercises are extensively used to offer a concrete knowledge of the intricacies of real estate finance. The book systematically progresses from basic financial concepts to more complex discussions (such as exotic home loan types and their analysis).

Beyond solved examples, the book also offers practice problems with answers so that a reader understands the financial instruments. PowerPoint presentations for the various chapters will be useful for instructors. Real estate investors (institutional or individuals), academics, students, professionals, and generalist real estate enthusiasts will find the book useful for their learning and real-life applications. 
Foreword Julian Diaz III



Introduction to Real Estate Finance

The Value of Time

Mortgage Banking in India

Fixed Rate Mortgage

Alternate Mortgage Types

Managing Real Estate Companies

Interest Rates

Property Markets

Capital Markets for Indian Real Estate

Perspectives on Real Estate Sector in India

Answers to End-of-Chapter Problems


A textbook of this nature is overdue for Indian students. It addresses exhaustively the needs of various segments of the market in India. In content and quality of analysis and presentation, it has set a new benchmark for texts in this subject addressed to the Indian market.
Dr V. Chandrasekar
Clinical Professor, Entrepreneurship, Indian School of Business

The book provides a comprehensive look at real estate finance in India and would be helpful to students of both real estate and finance.
Vivek Dahiya
Founder and CEO, GenReal Consulting

Finally, Indian readers have a high-quality book on real estate finance! The focus is on fundamental knowledge building rather than trends and statistics. Authors discuss complex analytical aspects in a conversational writing style, making it an interesting read. The book is equally useful for generalists and specialists.
Amitabh Kant
CEO & Managing Director, Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor Development Corporation

Prashant Das and Divyanshu Sharma have authored a meticulous must-read guide for every person who would like to get a deeper understanding of real estate and financing. This book is enjoyable and informative.
Ambrish Baisiwala
CEO, Portman Holdings, Atlanta

The first ever book on Indian real estate sector...pleasantly spiced with numerous figures and real estate scholar and professional interviews that deepen the concepts being discussed...the clarity of its construction and the quality of the invited speakers make it as well a reference manual for teaching purpose as a valuable tool book for professionals and real-estate enthusiasts.

Realty & more, Vol 1, Issue 8, April 2014

A simple, yet complete, text for establishing a base knowledge within the confusing world of real estate finance. Excellent book for University students and also a must read for young industry professionals.

Yateendra Sinh
CEO - Lausanne Hospitality Consulting SA

The authors have provided a valuable insight into an important growing asset class within the Indian economy. Even though the focus is on India, selected topics and concepts are applicable to real estate globally. The book demystifies real estate and allows students and practitioners to familiarize themselves with both fundamentals and advanced concepts.  The book has helpful “how to” guides which ensure students and practitioners can make crucial calculations correctly, whilst at the same time the providing a projection into the many innovative current and future applications of real estate. Due to its accessible style, this is a book which can be referred to again and again.

Mr. Jonathan Humphries,
Senior Lecturer at Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne (Hotel Asset Management and Development), Co-Founder of HoCoSo (new enterprise focussed on the dynamic extended-stay hotel sector) and Senior Vice Presuident of Development with Marriot

Prashant Das

Prashant Das, Ph.D. teaches Master's and Bachelor's level courses in real estate finance and investment. His research interests include REITs, commercial real estate (hotels, apartments and offices in particular), Google searches and sustainability. He has a special interest in real estate markets in India. His papers are published in such journals as the Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, Journal of Real Estate Research, International Journal of Hospitality Management and Journal of Property Research among others. Also, Prashant recently authored a book on Real Estate Finance in India for SAGE publications. Prashant has been... More About Author

Divyanshu Sharma

Divyanshu Sharma is a founding partner at realism.IN, an India-focused real estate research and consulting firm. In addition, at Captain Real Estate (Guam, USA), he advises his clients on commercial real estate as an appraiser. His research papers on Indian real estate have been presented at the American Real Estate Society. He specializes in real estate process, capital structuring, feasibility analysis, market analysis, and quantitative modeling of data. He has worked as a freelance architectural consultant in New Delhi. Earlier, he has worked with Consulting Engineering Services, as a multidisciplinary consultancy provider in India. He... More About Author

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