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Reading Globally

Reading Globally
Connecting Students to the World Through Literature

First Edition

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Cultural Competence | English

November 2013 | 168 pages | SAGE AdvantEDGE

Discover how global literature can prepare your students for global citizenship!

With an increasingly diverse nation and an ever-smaller world, global awareness is a necessity for today's students. This unique and indispensible handbook shows how teachers can use global literature to help students expand their worldview while developing increased respect for cultural diversity.

The authors explain how to infuse global literature throughout the curriculum, from locating and selecting appropriate, high-quality books to developing related activities and projects for a variety of subject areas. Teachers, librarians, and reading coordinators will find:

 - Insights on how reading global literature prepares students for life and work in an interconnected world
 - A wealth of teaching ideas for the entire curriculum, supported by classroom vignettes
 - Answers to frequently asked questions about funding, cultural authenticity, and supporting state and national standards

Bring the world into your classroom through global literature to enrich teaching and learning!

The Need for Global Literature
Literary Theme Studies and an Integrated Curriculum
Integrated Language Arts
Social Studies
Science and Mathematics
The Arts
How Should I Evaluate Global Books?
Frequently Asked Questions about Global Children’s Literature
What’s Next? Going Global and Bringing It Home

The authors illustrate how to teach to the standards using literature. More important, they explain why it is essential to do so if we are to prepare our children for life in a 21st-century global society.

Carol Gallegos, Literacy Coach
Hanford Elementary School District, Hanford, CA

The authors skillfully weave global-text titles, authors, websites, and strategy instruction throughout the book.

Victoria Seeger, Instructional Coach
Pleasant Hill Elementary School, Topeka, KS

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Barbara A. Lehman

Barbara A. Lehman is Professor of Teaching and Learning at The Ohio State University, where she teaches graduate courses in children's literature and literacy at the Mansfield Campus. Her scholarly interests focus on multicultural and global children’s literature and child-centered literary criticism. She co-edited Teaching with Children's Books: Paths to Literature-Based Instruction (National Council of Teachers of English [NCTE], 1995) and co-authored with Evelyn Freeman Global Perspectives in Children's Literature (Allyn & Bacon, 2001). Her third title, Children’s Literature and Learning: Literary Study Across the Curriculum, was... More About Author

Evelyn B. Freeman

Dr. Evelyn B. Freeman is Dean and Director of The Ohio State University-Mansfield. She also serves as Executive Dean for Ohio State’s regional campuses. Dr. Freeman is professor in the School of Teaching and Learning and teaches courses in children’s literature and language arts. Her research interests focus on multicultural and global children’s literature, and nonfiction literature for children. She has served as co-editor of the Journal of Children’s Literature, Bookbird: A Journal of International Children’s Literature, and the Children’s Books column of The Reading Teacher. She has co-authored three books: Using Nonfiction Trade Books... More About Author

Patricia L. Scharer

Patricia L. Scharer is a Professor of Education at The Ohio State University. Her research interests include early literacy development, phonics and word study, and the role of children's literature to foster both literary development and literacy achievement. Her research has been published in Reading Research Quarterly, Research in the Teaching of English, Educational Leadership, Language Arts, The Reading Teacher, Reading Research and Instruction and the yearbooks of the National Reading Conference and the College Reading Association. She has served as co-editor of the Journal of Children’s Literature, Bookbird: A Journal of... More About Author


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