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Read Critically

Read Critically

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March 2020 | 104 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Critical reading is the foundation of good research.  Read Critically gives you the knowledge and tools you need to be able to extract meaning from texts and judge its quality, relevance and significance.

  • Understand your assignment question
  • Know how to think critically, and in turn read critically
  • Write critically and ace your assignment.

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What is critical thinking?
What does it mean to be critical?
How can I understand the assignment question?
How do I get from critical reading to critical writing?
Are there different ways to understand interpretation?
What is critical language?
How do I know I’m ready for the next assignment?
Where do I go from here?


A Super Quick Skills Video

Watch our Super Quick introduction to critical reading with author Alex Baratta.

Meets needs of course in an engaging style

Mr iain stainton
Business Law and Social Science, University of Cumbria
January 8, 2021

Alex Baratta

Alex Baratta is a linguist whose research interests are focused on language and identity, including linguistic prejudice and linguistic rights. However, his initial teaching and research experiences were centred on academic writing and critical thinking, topics he continues to write on, having taught academic writing in South Korea, the UK and his native USA, as part of English 101. How to Read and Write Critically is his fifth book on the subject of academic writing and critical thinking, with other books focused on accent preference within British teaching (2018); World Englishes (2019); a collection of short stories with twist endings ... More About Author

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