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Reach Before You Teach

Reach Before You Teach
Ignite Passion and Purpose in Your Classroom

February 2017 | 216 pages | SAGE AdvantEDGE
The authors provide concrete ideas that inspire academic success, stimulate curiosity, and develop a strong sense of self among students AND teachers. When the self is supported and developed, students are more apt to reach their full potential because they have been provided a meaning in context. The authors hope to inspire educators to start incorporating the self into their curriculum and school climate using the steps they have created. The book contains many interventions illustrated by examples to help educators create an environment where the self is engaged and working in synchrony with academic instruction.
A Child’s Sense of Self Is of Paramount Concern
The Focus and Purpose of This Book
This Book Applies to Educators of Teens
The Bottom Line
1. The Self
What You Will Learn in This Chapter
What Do We Mean by the Self?
The Self in School
Social Emotional Learning: Its Importance and How the Self Enables SEL Potential
How Does a Sense of Self Contribute to Personal Success and to Society?
Steps to Success – For Teaching and for You
Chapter Summary
2. The Development of the Self: Understand and Connect With the Self Behind the Desk
What You Will Learn in This Chapter
Early Attachment and Self Development
True Self Versus False Self: The Battle Begins
Making Connections
Chapter Summary
3. The Unaware Emotional Self: Soften Defenses to Foster Academic and Personal Growth
What You Will Learn in This Chapter
The Purpose of Defenses
The Development of Defenses and How They Inhibit Optimal Learning
Common Defense Mechanisms and How They May Manifest in the Classroom
How to Manage Defenses Through Interventions That Build the Self
Chapter Summary
4. The Aware Emotional Self: Provide Tools for Emotional Management
What You Will Learn in This Chapter
Emotional Awareness - Knowing Your Temperature
Emotional Management – Shutting the Window
The Emotional Self in the Classroom
The Benefits
Chapter Summary
5. The Cognitive Self: Use Cognitive Understanding to Awaken Potentials
What You Will Learn in This Chapter
Brain Structure and Related Functions
Stress on the Brain
Neuroplasticity: The Role of Experiences
Improving Motivation
Chapter Summary
6. The Social Self: Consolidate the Self in the Social World
What You Will Learn in This Chapter
Set a Positive Social Tone in Your Classroom
Top Social Skills
Chapter Summary
7. The Physical Self: Support the Physical Self for Optimal Overall Health
What You Will Learn in This Chapter
The Importance of Physical Health
Exercise and Health
Nutrition and Health
Sleep and Health
The Mind/Body Connection
The Physical Self in the Classroom
Chapter Summary
8. The Self in the School Climate: How to Put the Environment to Work for You
What You Will Learn in This Chapter
What Is School Climate?
Personal Principles of Behavior
School Wide Policies
Parents and the Off-Campus Community
Chapter Summary
9. The Self: Decision-Making, Motivation, and Giving Back
What You Will Learn in This Chapter
Where Are We?
Where Can We Go From Here?
Decision-Making – The Sine Qua Non of Self Skills
Final Interventions
Chapter Summary

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Paula P. Prentis

Paula Prentis was a conflict resolution counselor and a rape crisis counselor in New York City before earning her master's degree in social work (MSW) at New York University. Later, she continued training at Westchester Institute for Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy and worked in private practice. Prentis is certified in past life regression therapy and continues her professional interests through workshops, lectures, and conferences in neuroscience and the mind/body connection.In addition, with Chris Parrott, Prentis is the coauthor of the Your Self Series of books and website. Your Self Series is a curriculum that facilitates teen... More About Author

Christine "Chris" K. Parrott

Chris Parrott earned her bachelor's degree with a psychology major at Dartmouth and went on to study counseling psychology at the City University in London, England, where she earned both her master's and postmaster's degrees, and the distinguished title of the British Psychological Society (BPS) Chartered Counseling Psychologist. She also has a diploma in hypnosis from London University. Parrott has published various articles in Counseling Review Quarterly and chapters in psychology training books, and she has coauthored a book titled Doing Therapy Briefly. Parrott was also a media consultant on behalf of the BPS and has been quoted in... More About Author

Amy K. Smith

Amy Smith was a high school English teacher for over 15 years in the states of Texas, California, and New Jersey, which gave her a diverse experience within the educational sector and a broad spectrum of teacher contacts. Working as an English teacher and, later, as a media specialist for another 15 years, Smith's primary focus was always on the individual spirit of each student who passed through her doors--or walked onto her court: She acted as a tennis coach for several years alongside her teaching. Indeed, her passion for her students led her to numerous conventions and professional development seminars over the years where she... More About Author


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