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An Introduction

Second Edition

March 2017 | 328 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
With clear definitions and practical examples, the Second Edition expertly examines the way in which racisms have become part of social practices and institutions. Now featuring two new chapters on ethnicity and immigration and 30 new internationally focused case studies, this text will be invaluable in helping readers to fully understand the complex issues of racism and how to challenge them.
Chapter 1: The Idea of 'Race' and the Practice of Racisms
Chapter 2: Racialization
Chapter 3: Ethnicity
Chapter 4: Race, Class and Gender
Chapter 5: Race, Nation, State
Chapter 6: Institutional Racism
Chapter 7: Science
Chapter 8: Mixedness
Chapter 9: New Racisms?
Chapter 10: Immigration
Chapter 11: Whiteness
Chapter 12: Islamophobia

Professor Garner has refined and expanded his perceptive and critical text by engaging with the latest controversies and challenges presented by the pervasiveness of racist ideologies, policies and actions. The text represents a valuable contribution to this complex field which is all the more important given the instrumental use of racist politicised rhetoric in the USA and Europe and all that it leaves in its wake. This text will appeal to all those seeking to comprehend the origins of racisms but above all how they can be challenged.

Muzammil Quraishi
University of Salford

A good and informative book on racism especially at a time when more education is required on the subject. A good starting point for all counselling training levels.

Ms Edna Ogundare
Counselling and Psychology, City Lit
October 26, 2020

This is an excellent introductory book on racism for the beginner,. garner awakens the individual reader to a new concept in relation to racism and provides a sound background for debate.

Mr Michael Donaldson
Care Humatities and sport, North Glasgow Collge
August 15, 2019

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Racisms - Chapter 1

Steve Garner

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