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Whiteness, Racial Trauma, and the University

Whiteness, Racial Trauma, and the University

120 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Universities are regarded as safe havens for knowledge production and the educational transformation of lives. There is however a long history of universities as sites of contestation where structures of hierarchical legitimacy are played out. In response to the upsurge in global protests against racial violence and contestation of colonial, racialised and Eurocentric forms of thinking, universities have adopted new roles as ‘anti-racist’ and ‘decolonial’ beacons of hope. This book unravels how such liberal progressive ‘acts’ hide a much deeper racialised logic of whiteness-framed structural narcissism, producing insidious powerful and difficult to trace forms of racialised harm.

Chapter 1: What is ‘race’ in this moment?
Chapter 2: Universities as Racial Regimes
Chapter 3: ‘White Narcissus’
Chapter 4: Winner and Losers: How White Narcissus frames failure and success
Chapter 5: Decolonising and anti-racism: Whiteness and the ‘Cosplay’ of racial justice
Chapter 6: Black Absence, White Noise
Chapter 7: White Narcissus and the death of curiosity…or Where Are You from…Really?

Harshad Keval

Harshad Keval is senior lecturer in Sociology at Canterbury Christ Church University, Kent, UK. He has held posts in Switzerland and the United Kingdom and has worked on the intersection of race, ethnicity, culture, and health in a variety of countries and contexts, including mental health in South Asia, childhood illnesses in Tanzania, and leprosy in Sri Lanka. His work recently has focused on the racialized constructions of risk in South Asian populations in the United Kingdom. He has published previously on the discursive constructions of racialized risk in contemporary health arenas, “normalized” race-based rhetoric in contemporary... More About Author

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