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Race, Myth and the News

Race, Myth and the News

First Edition

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Mass Communication

February 1995 | 184 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
How are the perceptions of the majority culture, the `preferred readings', reflected in television news? How do they reinforce stereotyped attitudes on race? This interpretive analysis presents evidence of racism, including under-representation, within news texts. The author examines the values, traditions and practices of news production that, often unconsciously, serve to maintain the alienation of racial groups in society. While the focus is on local television news in the United States, Race, Myth and the News has a broad relevance to studies of culture and race.
Common Sense, Myth, News and Racism
A Myth of Marginality
Traditional Racism and the News

A Myth of Difference
Racial Stereotypes and the News

A Myth of Assimilation
`Enlightened' Racism and the News

Race, Myth and the Newspaper
How the Daily Press Covered King Day


Christopher P. Campbell

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