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Quality in Business

Quality in Business
76 Mantras for Managers

First Edition

July 2003 | 180 pages | SAGE Response
Quality in Business is a collection of seventy-six insightful mantras, which delve into the many issues and obstacles that arise when an organization commences on its quality journey. At a time when quality is expected of organizations at every step of the way, this book brings together an effective list of the do`s and don`ts that all quality managers must know when they implement a quality program.

Based on the author`s several years of experience as a quality practitioner with some of India`s leading companies, this book is both pragmatic and experiential. Taking a problem solving approach it stresses that a successful quality program is only possible if it is a well thought out, planned and coherent process. It addresses key issues related to quality and quality management in a simple and jargon free manner.

The book will be indispensable for those working in the areas of quality management, corporate strategy, production and operations management and human resource management. CEOs, managers and executives at all levels will find this book an engaging and valuable read.

Debashis Sarkar

Debashis Sarkar is one of Asia’s leading organizational improvement experts. He is recognized globally for his thought leadership in customer-centricity and operational excellence. Over the last three decades, he has enabled myriad businesses and helped them to perform better and become profitable. He is the Managing Partner at Proliferator Advisory & Consulting, which has clients in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East.Author of multiple books and papers, his ideas have been adopted by companies worldwide. A much sought-after speaker, he is invited from the world over for keynotes and workshops.He has been a business improvement... More About Author

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