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Qualitative Research for a Digital World

Qualitative Research for a Digital World
A Practical Guide

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Qualitative Research

November 2024 | 344 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Do you want to understand and apply qualitative research methods in a digital context? This book will help you navigate the complexities of digital access and fluency, ensuring a broad lens on research methodologies. From step-by-step guides to innovative frameworks, each chapter is crafted to give you the confidence to carry out cutting-edge qualitative research.

This book will provide you with

·       The knowledge you need to advance your qualitative research understanding across all disciplines.

·       A practical reflection of the application of relevant research methodologies.

·       An overview of research ideas, cases, and examples.

With a wealth of exercises and examples, this book will become a reference point for qualitative research in the digital context by adopting a case-in-point approach for students across all social science disciplines.

Chapter 1: Philosophies of Research
Chapter 2: Research Design Ethics
Chapter 3: Digital Ethnography, Netnography, and Online Immersion
Chapter 4: Digital Dairy
Chapter 5: ALARA Model of information Search Opening Case Vignette
Chapter 6: Screencasting
Chapter 7: Online Interviews
Chapter 8: Online Focus Group Discussions
Chapter 9: The e-Delphi Method
Chapter 10: Discourse Analysis
Chapter 11: Thematic Analysis
Chapter 12: Content Analysis
Chapter 13: Data Management Plan
Chapter 14: Contemplating the advances of Digital Technology.

Emmanuel Mogaji

Emmanuel Mogaji is an Associate Professor in Marketing at Keele University, UK. More About Author

Varsha Jain

Prof. Varsha Jain, Ph.D., is a globally renowned professor of integrated marketing communications and AG Krishnamurthy, chair professor of marketing and co-chairperson of research at MICA (India). More About Author

Himani Sharma

Himani Sharma is a Research Fellow under Fellowship Programme in Management (FPM) at MICA, India.  More About Author

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