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Qualitative Longitudinal Research

Qualitative Longitudinal Research
The craft of researching lives through time

February 2021 | SAGE Publications Ltd

Brimming with time maps, life history calendars, and extracts from transcripts and diaries, this book illustrates by example the unique principles, challenges, and applications of qualitative longitudinal research.

Synthesizing current literature on qualitative longitudinal research, it brings together sociological theory and empirically driven longitudinal studies while also highlighting a range of possible research approaches. With a consistent balance of conceptual discussions with hands-on advice, it provides readers with the foundation to adapt lessons-learned from other researchers to fit their own qualitative longitudinal studies.

Supported by research tools like coding frames, short data extracts, consent forms, transcription guidelines, and other data organization tools, this book provides everything postgraduate researchers need to transition from the classroom to the field. 

Part I: Conceptual Foundations
Chapter 1: Mapping the Field
Chapter 2: Time and the Life Course
Part II: Crafting Qualitative Longitudinal Research
Chapter 3: Design and Sampling
Chapter 4: Recruiting and Maintaining Samples
Chapter 5: Walking Alongside: The Ethics of Field Enquiry
Part III: Journeys with Data
Chapter 6: Generating Data
Chapter 7: Managing and Analysing Data
Chapter 8: Re-Visiting Data: The Ethics and Practice of Data Use
Chapter 9: Re-Presenting Data: The reliability and validity of qualitative longitudinal research
Post script: Looking Back, Looking Forwards

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Bren Neale

Bren Neale is Emeritus Professor of Life Course and Family Research at the University of Leeds, UK, and a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences. She was the director of the ESRC-funded Timescapes Study from 2007 to 2012. She has contributed to advances in Qualitative Longitudinal methods across academia, government and the voluntary sector, both in the UK and internationally, and continues to provide training and support in this methodology for new and established researchers. More About Author

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