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Qualitative Inquiry

Qualitative Inquiry
Thematic, Narrative and Arts-Based Perspectives

Second Edition

April 2018 | 208 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Qualitative inquiry is not merely a research method or a series of analytic steps, but a holistic process that challenges the age-old qualitative/quantitative dichotomy. This book provides students and researchers with an approachable guide to a range of interpretive perspectives, including thematic, narrative, and arts-based types of inquiry.

Fully revised and updated, the Second Edition features:

  • A brand new introduction firmly placing qualitative inquiry in context
  • New further reading sections to guide you deeper into the relevant literature
  • Expanded sections on auto-ethnography and technology
  • A range of examples to demonstrate the application of research techniques

Presenting a clear overview of the theory, method and interpretation involved in qualitative inquiry, this book is the ideal starting point for those engaging in arts-based qualitative research.

Part 1: Qualitative Inquiry
Chapter 1: Introduction to Qualitative Inquiry
Chapter 2: Getting Started
Part 2: Thematic Perspectives
Chapter 3: Constant Comparison Inquiry
Chapter 4: Phenomenological Inquiry
Part 3: The Narrative Turn
Chapter 5: Narrative Inquiry
Part 4: Arts-Based Inquiry
Chapter 6: Poetic Inquiry
Chapter 7: Visual Inquiry
1. Collage Inquiry

2. Photo/Film Inquiry

3. Visual Narratives

Chapter 8. Performative Inquiry
Part 5: Future Directions
Chapter 9: Future Directions

Lynn Butler-Kisber yet again provides us with a rigorous and beautifully written text on qualitative research. The examples challenge us to consider the complexity of qualitative research from the basics to the poetic and performative. This is a book to be bought and treasured.

Maggi Savin-Baden
Institute of Education, University of Worcester

An excellent companion to those entering into the qualitative inquiry process that is applicable to a wide range of disciplines wherein human sense making is essential. Notable amongst the updates to the first edition is the expansion of visually based inquiries.

Bryan Clift
Department for Health, University of Bath

I believe that this book serves as an excellent launchpad for novice investigators to familiarize themselves with different forms of qualitative inquiry, both conventional and innovative.

Umair Majid, University of Toronto

Sample Materials & Chapters

Introduction to Qualitative Inquiry

Lynn Butler-Kisber

Lynn Butler-Kisber (BEd, MEd, McGill; EdD, Harvard) is a professor of education at McGill University. Her work includes leadership, multiliteracies; professional development and qualitative research methodologies with a particular interest in arts-based methodologies, more specifically in visual and poetic inquiry on which she has written and presented extensively. She focuses on issues of marginalization, equity, and social justice. New publications include Poetic Inquiries of Reflection and Renewal: Poetry As Research (2017), which is coedited with John Guiney Yallop, Mary Stewart, and Sean Wiebe (MacIntyre Purcell), and the second... More About Author

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