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Punishment for Profit

Punishment for Profit
Private Prisons/Public Concerns

  • David Shichor - Professor Emeritus in Social Work, California State University, San Bernardino

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312 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This thought-provoking book presents a systematic and complete review of the literature on prison privatization. In light of the current trend towards private prisons, David Shichor examines the key ethical, legal, political and theoretical issues concerning a prison population not only regarded as undesirable but also open to social and political manipulation. He addresses a number of fundamental questions: What are the limits of civil liberties? What are the bonds holding members of society together? What are the functions of state and government?

Punishment for Profit is an excellent resource for the continued efforts to resolve a critical issue facing our community.

A Historical Review of Private Prisons
Conceptual and Theoretical Issues
Legal Issues
Contract and Monitoring Issues
Economic Issues
Quality Issues
Management and Personnel Issues
Empirical Evaluations of Private Correctional Facilities
Further Considerations

David Shichor