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Punishment and the Prison

Punishment and the Prison
Indian and International Perspectives

First Edition
Edited by:
  • Rani Dhavan Shankardass - Secretary General, Penal Reform and Justice Association, Gurgaon, India and President, Penal Reform International, London, UK

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Criminology | Prison Studies

November 1999 | 500 pages | SAGE India
While there are books on prison and others on punishment, there are few that relate these two important themes. That is the central purpose of this multi-disciplinary volume which connects prison practices with punishment theories in order to highlight the manner in which each society`s ethos and politico-cultural traditions are reflected in the way it punishes its wrongdoers.
M N Venkatachaliah
Rani Dhavan Shankardass
The Problems and Paradoxes of Punishment

V R Krishna Iyer
Justice in Prison
Remedial Jurisprudence and Versatile Criminology

Andrew Coyle
Prisons in a Modern Society
Sarita Sarangi
Reality and Reform in Tihar Central Jail
Hira Singh
Prison Administration in India
Contemporary Issues

Alvin J Bronstein
Punishment in Unequal Justice
America's Prison Industry

Rod Morgan
The Proper Use of Imprisonment
Henry Brooke
Prison as Seen by an English Judge
Rajindar Sachar
Choices and Dilemmas for a Judge

Pushpa Kapila Hingorani
The Problem of Undertrials - I
Hussainara Khatoon and Public Interest Litigation

Mukul Mudgal
The Problem of Undertrials - II
Kadriya Pahadiya and Juvenile Justice

Vijay Karan and Ved Marwah
Police, Crime and Punishment
Indian Predicaments

Paddington Garwe and Andrew Msengezi
Exploring Non-Custodial Punishments
Zimbabwe's Community Service Scheme

Rajeev Dhavan
Kill Them for Their Bad Verses
On Criminal Law and Punishment in India

Upendra Baxi
Bringing Judas to the Last Supper? The Tasks of Republican Criminology in Service of Globalization
Ujjwal Kumar Singh
Political Prisoners and the Prison System
Colonial Purposes and Praxiological Problems

Rani Dhavan Shankardass
Women, Crime and Jail Justice
Theoretical Formulations and Indian Realities

Vivien Stern
Alternatives to Prisons
Reflections and Experiences

Rani Dhavan Shankardass
Conclusion: The Punishment of Crime or the Crime of Punishment

Rani Dhavan Shankardass

Rani Dhavan Shankardass is the Secretary General of Penal Reform and Justice Association (PRAJA), Gurgaon, India, and the President of Penal Reform International (PRI), London, UK. Born in Allahabad, Dr Shankardass was educated in Nainital, Lucknow and Allahabad. She received her M.A. degrees from Allahabad University, India, and University of Pennsylvania, USA, and M.Sc., M.Litt. and Ph.D. degrees from the Cambridge University and the University of London, both in UK. She has worked as a lecturer in Political Science at Kamla Nehru College, University of Delhi, India, and was a senior fellow at Centre for Contemporary Studies, Teen Murti... More About Author

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