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Publishing Journal Articles

Publishing Journal Articles

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© 2012 | 160 pages | SAGE South Asia
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 - How do I go about writing a journal article?
- How do I maximize my chances of getting it published in a top journal?
- How do I know what journal to select?
- How do I best adapt my research work in order to get published?

In this accessible, informative and entertaining book, Becker and Denicolo introduce the best practical strategies available to help you maximise your chances of success in getting your work published in the journal of your choice.

This book offers down-to-earth advice on such vital topics as:
- How to write and get the style right
- What to select for publication
- How to plan for success
- How to cope with writer`s block
- Working with editors and reviewers
- How to cope with rejection

This is a must-have book for anyone seeking to write for successful journal publication. 

When, What and Where to Publish  
Selecting Your Topic/Adapting Your Work  
Planning and Getting Started  
Coping with Writer`s Block  
Getting the Style Right  
Learning How to Stop Writing Your Article  
Working with Editors and Reviewers  
Recovering from Rejection  
Intellectual Property Rights  
Some Final Thoughts  
Further Reading  

The advantage of this book compared to many others on this topic, is that on the one hand, it is very concise, simple, and in plain language; on the other hand, it covers all the stages of writing and publishing an article
Liia L
Methodspace Book Reviews Group


Maybe the strongest accolade I can give this book is that it has now become one of the core texts for the SRA’s training courses on writing research reports and publishing research... Publishing Journal Articles... holds your hand, provides practical guidance and does it with a good sense of empathy... In summary, it's well worth a read if you are new to this area.
Dr Simon Haslam
SRA: Reviews


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Lucinda Becker

Dr Lucinda Becker, an award winning Senior Lecturer and Teaching Fellow at the University of Reading, has spent her career committed to enhancing the skills of undergraduates and research postgraduates. She has written numerous successful study skills guides for students. As a professional trainer she also works throughout the United Kingdom and Europe, devising and delivering training in communication and management techniques, principally to lawyers, engineers and scientists: real exemplars of generic, transferable skills with impact.  More About Author

Pam Denicolo

Professor (Emeritus) Pam Denicolo, a chartered psychologist, has just retired from her fulltime role at the University of Reading where she developed the Graduate School system and the post-registration professional practice and research element of the School of Pharmacy. Her passion for supporting and developing graduate students is demonstrated through her contributions as Vice Chair to the UK Council for Graduate Education Executive Committee, as chair of the Society for Research into Higher Education  Postgraduate Network and Executive Editor of the Guides for Supervisors Series.  She was a key contributor to Vitae’s... More About Author

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