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Public Relations Writing

Public Relations Writing
Principles in Practice

Second Edition

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Journalism | Public Relations

June 2005 | 528 pages | SAGE Response
Public Relations Writing is a comprehensive core text that guides students from the most basic foundations of public relations writing—research, planning, ethics, organizational culture, law, and design—through the production of actual, effective public relations materials. It begins with an overview of the principles of basic strategic communication decision-making, followed by chapters that apply these strategies and practices of writing public relations messages for multiple audiences.
Theoretical Influences on Public Relations Writing  
Sending the Message: Writing for Style, Flow, and Credibility  
Ethical Influences on Public Relations Writing  
Cultural Influences on Public Relations Writing  
Research Influences on Public Relations Writing  
Legal Influences on Public Relations Writing  
Design Influences on Public Relations Writing  
From Principles to Planning to Practice: Business Writing, Fact Sheets, and Bios  
Out of Your Control...or Is It? Newswriting for the Press  
Under Your Control: Features and Newsletters  
Let`s Hear It: Writing for Broadcast, Scripts, and Speeches  
When the News Isn`t Good: Crisis Messages  
The Multipurpose Medium: Writing for the Web  
Persuasion for Mass Action: Advocacy Campaigns, Op-Eds, and PSAs  
Persuasion for Individual Action: Direct Mail, Brochures, and Proposals  
High-Profile Projects: Annual Reports, Events, and Exhibitions  
Appendix A: The Value of Editing  
Appendix B: Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) Code of Ethics  
Appendix C: Research Methods for Public Relations Writing  
Appendix D: Production Issues  
Appendix E: Grammar and Style  

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Donald F. Treadwell

Donald Treadwell earned his master’s degree in communication from Cornell University and his PhD in communication and rhetoric from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.             He developed and taught communication research classes in classroom and online settings as well as teaching courses in organizational communication, public relations and public relations writing.             He has published and presented research on organizational image, consumer response to college names, health professionals’ images of AIDS, faculty... More About Author

Jill B. Treadwell

Jill Treadwell has 30 years experience in publications and public relations.  She has managed PR campaigns for the US and international companies as well as for non-profit and educational organizations.  She has a background in both writing and design and has specialized in annual reports, newsletters, brochures, and proposals directed at state and federal procurement agencies.In addition to maintaining a private public relations consulting practice, she currently teaches public relations, public relations writing and other writing courses in both classroom and online settings at Westfield State College. More About Author

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