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Public Policy, School Reform, and Special Education

Public Policy, School Reform, and Special Education
A Practical Guide for Every Teacher

March 2006 | 104 pages | Corwin
Education is driven by excellence and equity for all students. There is a tenuous balance, however, between society's desire to provide special education services and its ability to pay for them. Authors Jim Ysseldyke and Bob Algozzine examine the current educational landscape, focusing on the delivery of cost-effective, quality services to exceptional students. Public Policy, School Reform, and Special Education demonstrates how and why special education services are driven more by social, political, and economic factors than by actual changes in education, and the ways in which society's values and beliefs affect the distribution of limited resources.

Special features include:

o Key vocabulary terms

o Case studies illustrating how social, political and economic factors work together to affect special education practices

o A pre-test and post-test to help readers assess their understanding of school reform and restructuring

o Helpful books, articles, and organizations for further research and support

About A Practical Approach to Special Education for Every Teacher
About the Authors
Self-Assessment I
Introduction to Public Policy, School Reform, and Special Education
1.What Factors Drive Special Education?
Social Values  
Political Factors  
Economic Factors  
2.What Should Every Teacher Know About School Reform?
National Education Goals  
REI and Inclusion  
Goals 2000  
National Standards  
Opportunity-to-Learn Standards  
School Restructuring  
Impact of Reform on Special Education  
3.Public Policy and School Reform in Perspective
Impact of Laws on Special Education  
Current Reforms  
Importance of Teacher Training  
The Future of Special Education  
Closing Comments and Parting Thoughts  
4. What Have We Learned?
Key Points  
Key Vocabulary  
Self-Assessment II  
Answer Key for Self-Assessments  
On Your Own  
Journals & Articles  

Easily read and understood!
Great for administrators!

Ms JoAnne Hinckley
Education Dept, Southwest Minnesota State University
April 16, 2012

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About the Series


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James Ysseldyke

Jim Ysseldyke, Ph.D., is Birkmaier Professor in the Department of Educational Psychology, director of the School Psychology Program, and director of the Center for Reading Research at the University of Minnesota. Widely requested as a staff developer and conference speaker, Ysseldyke brings more than 30 years of research and teaching experience to educational professionals around the globe. ... More About Author

Bob Algozzine

Bob Algozzine is a professor in the Department of Educational Leadership at the University of North Carolina and project codirector of the U.S. Department of Education-supported Behavior and Reading Improvement Center. With 25 years of research experience and extensive firsthand knowledge of teaching students classified as seriously emotionally disturbed, Algozzine is a uniquely qualified staff developer, conference speaker, and teacher of behavior management and effective teaching courses. He is active in special education practice as a partner and collaborator with professionals in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools in North Carolina and... More About Author

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