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Public Communication Campaigns

Public Communication Campaigns

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Mass Communication

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This second edition of Public Communication Campaigns represents a major revision and establishes new parameters in campaign research. Original chapters are significantly revised in the light of a decade's research and experience. New chapters sketch eleven notable campaigns and their implications; provide a tutorial on formative evaluation; discuss community campaigns; analyse the conduct of political campaigns; suggest uses of persuasion in adolescent AIDS prevention campaigns; analyze critically alternative channel effectiveness hypotheses; study a remarkable pro-social soap opera in India; and challenge some of the basic assumptions about the role of mass media in campaigns.
William Paisley
Public Communication Campaigns
The American Experience

Theory and Design
William McGuire
Theoretical Foundations of Campaigns
Brenda Dervin
Audience as Listener and Learner, Teacher and Confidante
The Sense-Making Approach

Douglas S Solomon
A Social Marketing Perspective on Communication Campaigns
Rina Alcalay and Shanaz Taplin
Community Health Campaigns
From Theory to Action

Charles Atkin and Vicki Freimuth
Formative Evaluation Research in Campaign Design
Ronald E Rice and Dennis Foote
A Systems-Based Evaluation Planning Model for Health Communication Campaigns in Developing Countries
Brian R Flay and Thomas D Cook
Three Models for Summative Evaluation of Prevention Campaigns with A Mass Media Component
Experiences From the Field
E Scott Geller
Campaign Sampler Using Television to Promote Safety Belt Use
Bradley Greenberg and Walter Gantz
Singing the (VD) Blues
Robert LaRose
Freestyle, Revisited
Garrett J O'Keefe and Kathaleen Reid
The McGruff Crime Prevention Campaign
Charles Atkin and Hendrika W J Mischke
Family Planning Communication Campaigns in Developing Countries
Ronald E Rice
summary of chapter from 1st edition by
Mass Campaigns in the People's Republic of China During the Mao Era
Ronald E Rice
summary of chapter from 1st edition by
McNamara, Kurth and Hansen
Smokey Bear
Sandra Ball-Rokeach and Milton Rokeach
The Great American Values Test
Robert B Cialdini
When Every Litter Bit Hurts

Charles Atkin
Be Smart. Don't Start
Ronny Adhikarya
The Strategic Extension Campaigns on Rat Control in Bangladesh
June A Flora, Nathan Maccoby and John W Farquhar
Communication Campaigns to Prevent Cardiovascular Disease
The Stanford Studies

Robert G Meadow
Political Campaigns
Kathleen Reardon
The Potential Role of Persuasion in Adolescent Aids Prevention
Alfred McAlister et al
Antismoking Campaigns
Progress in the Application of Social Learning Theory

Robert Hornik
Channel Effectiveness in Development Communication Programs
Arvind Singhal and Everett M Rogers
Pro-Social Television for Development in India
Lawrence Wallack
Mass Media and Health Promotion
A Critical Perspective


Ronald E. Rice

Ronald E. Rice (Ph.D. & M.A., Stanford University; B.A., Columbia University) is both the Arthur N. Rupe Chair in the Social Effects of Mass Communication in the Department of Communication and Co-Director of the Carsey-Wolf Center at UC, Santa Barbara. He has been elected divisional officer in the International Communication Association and the Academy of Management, elected President and Fellow of the ICA, awarded a Fulbright Award to Finland, appointed as Wee Kim Wee Professor and then University Professor of the School of Communication and Information at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, and awarded an Honorary... More About Author

Charles Kenward Atkin

Charles K. Atkin (Ph.D., University of Wisconsin; B.A., Michigan State University) is University Distinguished Professor in the Department of Communication at Michigan State, where he has served as Chair for 15 years. He teaches and conducts research on mass communication campaigns, particularly in the health domain. Based on sustained accomplishments in applied research on health campaigns, he received the 2006 Decade of Behavior Award from the American Psychological Association and a consortium of 54 social science organizations as well as the 2008 career award as “Outstanding Health Communication Scholar” from National Communication... More About Author