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Psychotherapy with Older Adults

Psychotherapy with Older Adults

Third Edition
  • Bob G. Knight - University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA, USA, University of Southern California, USA

February 2004 | 304 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Praise for the First Edition

`Bob G Knight not only provides an avenue for therapists to get up-to-date in this field, but he even considers the future... This book is indeed a major contribution to the developing trend that psychotherapists who work with older adults need to become competent as geropsychotherapists!' - Contemporary Psychology

Now in a Third Edition, Bob G Knight's best-selling book continues to offer students and professionals a thorough overview of psychotherapy with older adults. Using the contextual, cohort-based, maturity, specific challenge (CCMSC) model, it draws upon findings from scientific gerontology and life-span developmental psychology to describe how psychotherapy needs to be adapted for work with older adults and when it is similar to therapeutic work with younger adults. Sensitively linking both research and experience, the author provides a practical account of the knowledge, technique, and skills necessary to work with older adults in a therapeutic relationship. This volume considers the essentials of gerontology as well as the nature of therapy in depth, focusing on special content areas and common themes.

1. Gerontology for Psychotherapists: The Contextual, Cohort Based, Maturity/Specific Challenge Model
2. Adaptations of Psychotherapy for Older Adults
3. Building Rapport with the Older Client
4. Transference & Countertransference with Older Clients
5. Guidelines for Assessment in the Context of the Practice of Psychotherapy
6. Griefwork with Older Adults
7. Chronic Illness in Later Life
8. Psychotherapy for the Person with Dementia
9. Psychotherapy with Family Caregivers of Frail Older Adults
10. Life Review in Psychotherapy with Older Adults
11. Ethical Issues & Concluding Thoughts on Psychotherapy with Older Adults

"Bob G. Knight's largest contribution is his excellent discussion of therapy. The book is clearly written, with a good use of summaries and case examples to clarify the major points. By linking research findings to practice experience, Knight has provided a pragmatic introduction which should be helpful to psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and psychiatric nurses working with older adults."


"I recommend this book to anyone interested in working with the elderly, partly because of the content and partly because the author presents the case for doing psychotherapy with the elderly with realism and enthusiasm."


A comprehensive book for anyone working with older adults.

Mrs Hilary McNair
Kent Adult Education, Hilderstone College
April 16, 2021

Bob G. Knight

Bob G. Knight, Ph.D., is the Merle H. Bensinger Professor of Gerontology, Psychology, and Counseling Psychology at the Andrus Gerontology Center, University of Southern California, where he also serves as Director of the Tingstad Older Adult Counseling Center and faculty director of the Los Angeles Caregiver Resource Center. He is currently serving the Department of Psychology as Director of Clinical Training. His research interests include caregiving, emotion and aging, and mental health policy and aging, and he has published extensively in mental health and aging, including this book, Outreach with the Elderly (NYU Press, 1989), and... More About Author

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