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Psychotherapy and Politics

Psychotherapy and Politics

First Edition

March 2000 | 192 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This stimulating book explores the long-standing relationship between psychotherapy and politics and argues that from the beginning psychotherapy has had a political face. Documenting instances where ideas from psychotherapy have been incorporated into the political agenda, the book demonstrates the practical value of psychotherapy as an instigator of social and political change. Related to this, attempts to understand and evaluate political life through the application of psychotherapeutic concepts are examined. The author poses a number of key questions, including: What is human nature? Are aggression and violence innate in us? Is the therapeutic relationship inherently unequal? And, is the political an appropriate topic for therapy and counselling?
Entering the 21st Century

`Right' and `Left' Therapists up to 1945

Alternative Realities
Therapy for the People
Deconstructing Mental Illness
Conflict and Community
Pressing for Policy Changes
Conclusion to Part One
Culture on the Couch
Psychohistory and the Family
Gender and Sexuality
The Roots of Hatred
Conclusion to Part Two
Psychotherapy under Totalitarianism
Psychotherapy in the Public Eye
The Institutions of Psychotherapy
Challenging the Institutions of Psychotherapy
Conclusion to Part Three
Challenging Bias and Ideology
Challenging the Therapeutic Relationship
Beyond Therapy?
Conclusion to Part Four

`This book bristles with challenges, is richly referenced, rigorously and compellingly argued. Its interest for student counsellors is in helping us to understand the politics of our own positions, both institutional and ideological' - Counselling and Psychotherapy Journal

`This stimulating addition to SAGE's catalogues aims to give the practisng counsellor/therapist a multi-dimensional overview of the various ways in which the political and psychotherapeutic worlds interface' - Association for University and College Counselling Newsletter

`This is a truly outstanding book. In a world riven with anger, hatred, fear and aggression it provides a window of rationality, inspired by intelligence, understanding and humanistic principles' - The Journal of Critical Psychology, Counselling & Psychotherapy

`SAGE's invariably stimulating book series 'Perspectives in Psychotherapy', edited by Colin Feltham, is certainly fortunate to be graced by the latest addition from Nick Totton, who offers us a tour de force of the diverse and manifold ways in which therapy and politics interpenetrate and inform each other' - Richard House, Self & Society

Nick Totton

Nick Totton is a psychotherapist and trainer in private practice in Leeds, UK. Trained originally as a Reichian therapist, he now practises and teaches his own synthesis, Embodied-Relational Therapy, drawing on psychoanalysis and Process Oriented Psychology as well as on Reichian ideas. More About Author

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