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Psychotherapy and Counselling for Depression

Psychotherapy and Counselling for Depression

Third Edition
  • Paul Gilbert - Mental Health Research Unit, Kingsway Hospital, Derby, UK

May 2007 | 424 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
The Third Edition of Counselling and Psychotherapy for Depression is a popular and practical guide to working with people suffering from depression. As well as describing the skills and techniques used by practitioners, the book explores the features and complexities of depressed states including:
  • General negativity
  • Sense of failure and abandonment
  • Feelings of powerlessness, anger, shame, and guilt

The book examines the essential stages of the therapeutic process from conceptualization and formulation through to a wide variety of interventions for different types of difficulty. The Third Edition has been revised and updated and features a new chapter focusing on the role of the therapeutic relationship.
The Basics

Multi-Level Systems in Depression
The Brain, Threats and Depression
Behavioural Approaches
Action Matters

Human Social Needs and Roles
Attachment, Social Connectedness and Defeat

Thinking, Self-Awareness, Social Goals and the Role of Shame in Depression
The Therapeutic Relationship and Working Alliance
Beginning the Therapeutic Journey with the Depressed Person
Thoughts, Beliefs and Safety Strategies
Constructing Formulations

Helping People Engage and Change
Some Basic Principles

Developing Self-Compassion
Focusing Interventions with a Special Reference to Self-Criticism
Working with Specific Difficulties 1
Approval, Achievement, Assertiveness and Rebellion

Working with Specific Difficulties 2
Shame, Guilt, Ideals and Envy

Overview, Saying Goodbye and Personal Reflections

Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! I would thoroughly recommend this book to any other counsellor or psychotherapist. It is described on the back cover as 'outstanding', 'valuable' and an 'essential resource' and I would fully endorse all of these descriptions. I have been qualified for 10 years and have had extensive client experience, but feel I have gained so much from Gilbert's wisdom on this topic. It is excellent value for money and again I would recommend it to any practitioner.

The Independent Practitioner

This book takes the reader gently but thoroughly through the biopsychosocial processes that underpin depression. Excellent worksheets and information sheets are provided as appendices. [It] is a valuable resource for those who already work with depression and essential reading for those considering working in this field.

Therapy Today

Paul Gilbert provides the reader with a refreshingly wide-ranging, integrative and up-to-date understanding of the nature, assessment and treatment of depression. All psychological therapists will benefit from reading his important book.

Healthcare Counselling and Psychotherapy Journal

Paul Gilbert writes in a scholarly, yet accessible, style on the bio-psychosocial perspectives of depression. I agree with him that knowledge of such areas is crucial to being able to work effectively with people experiencing depression.

Nursing Standard, 5 star review

Psychotherapy and Counselling for Depression, Third Edition by the distinguished psychologist, Paul Gilbert, is an outstanding contribution to the field. I read this book with great enthusiasm and interest - and, I must acknowledge - admiration. Gilbert provides the reader with a wide-ranging, integrative and completely up-to-date understanding of the nature of depression. He effortlessly weaves together evolutionary theory, cognitive theory, behavioral models, neuropsychology, attachment, compassionate mind, and social cognition, to provide us with the most comprehensive understanding that you will find in any one book. In addition, he provides us with very practical examples of how to help our patients who suffer from this debilitating and demoralizing problem. This is a book I will turn to often and require our trainees to know and to use. We owe Professor Gilbert our gratitude for providing us with a book that is filled with intelligence and wisdom and - at the same time - is immensely practical in its message. All clinicians will benefit from reading this valuable book.

Robert L. Leahy
President, International Association for Cognitive Psychotherapy

This book is an invaluable resource for those working with depression.
The author gives comprehensive explanations of the processes that underpin depression and provides accessible information on the nature, assessment and treatment of depression.
With illustrative practical examples and useful worksheets, this book is a good resource for all those working in the helping professions.

Mrs Ana Paula Wellbrook
Counselling and Psychology, City Lit
October 15, 2021

One of a number of useful texts on depression - practical and accessible.

Dr Sarah Taylor
Researching Counselling & Psychotherapy, Northern Guild Psychotherapy and Counselling
February 4, 2016

This is a wonderful book. Readable, thorough and highly practical. The subject is handled expertly and professor Gilbert brings in his biopsychosocial perspective adroitly.

Mr Paul Buckley
Nursing , Bradford University
November 21, 2013

This book is a fantastic resource for those wishing to explore in more detail the issues that arise in relation to counselling for depression.

Mrs Connie Mcluckie
School of Nursing, Midwifery & Social Care (Sighth, Edinburgh Napier University
November 13, 2013

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Paul Raymond Gilbert

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