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Psychosynthesis Counselling in Action

Psychosynthesis Counselling in Action

Fourth Edition

December 2013 | 232 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Psychosynthesis Counselling in Action is the definitive introduction to the principles and techniques of the approach. Demonstrating the need for people to find a more positive meaning to their lives, Diana Whitmore guides the reader through the four main stages of the counselling journey, explaining how the wide range of practical methods can be tailored to different client needs.

This Fourth Edition includes:

  • Three new chapters – a new case study chapter and two appendices on the application of psychosynthesis in the coaching field and in youth work.
  • New content on positive psychology and the therapeutic relationship.
  • Updated chapters on diagnosis and assessment and counselling process.
  • Enhanced pedagogy and new case studies.

It is vital reading for those seeking an introduction to psychosynthesis, as well as practitioners of other orientations who wish to incorporate this approach into their own therapeutic work.

Lady Diana Whitmore, MAEd is Chief Executive and a founding Director of Teens and Toddlers UK.

The Psychosynthesis Approach
The Psychosynthesis Counsellor
Basic Techniques of Psychosynthesis Counselling
Diagnosis and Assessment
The Initial Phase of Counselling
The Middle Phase of Counselling
The Transpersonal Dimension of Counselling
The Final Phase of Counselling
Greg: A Case History by Kim Shiller
Appendix 1 Current Application of Psychosynthesis: Youth Work
Appendix 2 Current Application of Psychosynthesis: Coaching for Performance
Further Reading

A most useful and valuable text eagerly devoured in one long sitting! For someone wanting to get to grips with the scope, depth and subtlety of psychosynthesis counselling, this is a carefully thought out introduction. The way the material is presented enables the reader meeting Psychosynthesis for the first time a good overview of its theory, practice and potential. It also presents the more familiar reader with the perspective and experience of a seasoned practitioner, offering up food for thought in the issues posed and the clarity with which they are written about.

Ian Townsend
Associate Lecturer, Person-Centred Practice, Blackburn College

A clear introduction to the basic principles of traditional psychosynthesis, and to the thinking of Roberto Assagioli - one of the key figures of transpersonal psychology.

Sarah Van Gogh
Re-Vision - Centre for Integrative Psychosynthesis

Psychosynthesis in Action is a must read for all coaches wishing to Transcend and go beyond the everyday, into a realm of meaning and purpose and to be Present to themselves and to their clients - Psychosynthesis is the foundation from which Transpersonal Coaching was birthed.  As Diana Whitmore writes, " Psychosynthesis maintains that the transpersonal is evolutionary in the sense of moving us forward, being our next step in manifesting our potential", so relevant to coaching which looks to the future and emerging potential.

Emma Farr Rawlings Ph.D., MCC, MFT
ICF Master Certified Coach and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, USA

It's not surprising that Diana Whitmore's book is now in its forth edition as she does full justice to her subject. Celebrating 25 years since its first publication, new material in this edition evidences psychosynthesis and the application of the approach to performance coaching and youth work... This book is straightforward and a good introduction to psychosynthesis.  

Trudi Dargan, Counsellor
Private Practice Journal

An excellent overview of Psychosynthesis theory and practice, brought right up to date and illustrated with rich case material.

Mr John Perry
School of Medicine, Southampton University
July 1, 2015

I love psychosynthesis, and I love Diana Whitmore's writing. Clear, practical and useful.

Dr Bonnie Meekums
School of Healthcare, Leeds University
March 2, 2015

This book takes a holistic view of counselling, paying attention to the personal history of the client, whilst also holding onto a vision of the client's potential, including the transpersonal dimension. The book includes creative ideas about how to release dormant qualities held within the client, including ways to use imagery, meditation and drawing. These ideas are underpinned with theoretical explanations. It is a useful book for anyone wanting an introduction to this form of counselling.

Mrs Hilary McNair
Kent Adult Education, Kent Adult Education
December 30, 2014

Excellent introduction to subject

Mr Keith Walmsley-Smith
Psychology & Mental Health, Staffordshire University
August 11, 2014

Knowledge of a range of approaches to counselling is encouraged at this level of study

Ms Stella Burgoyne
Business & Professional Studies, Blackpool and the Fylde College
March 31, 2014

Diana Whitmore

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