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Psychology in Human and Social Development

Psychology in Human and Social Development
Lessons from Diverse Cultures: A Festschrift for Durganand Sinha

First Edition
Edited by:
  • John W Berry - Queens University, Ontario, Canada
  • R C Mishra - Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi
  • R C Tripathi - University of Allahabad, India

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Social Psychology

January 2003 | 310 pages | SAGE India
For a long time psychology's main concern was to become another natural science, from where it borrowed concepts, ideas, and methods. It evolved its theoretical structures based on models used in the Western world of science, and the laboratory became the best site for the study of a variety of micro-level phenomena with little concern for problems requiring global or macro-level treatment - such as the role of social, cultural and economic variables.

With the development of cross-cultural psychology in the 1960s - through the efforts of Durganand Sinha, Gustav Jahoda, Jan Deregowski and John Dawson - culture came to be regarded as the context or system, and human behaviour as adaptive to this context. This collection of essays pursues this line of thought admirably. Consisting of an introduction and thirteen articles by eminent scholars, the book deals with the following issues:

· new lines of thinking about cognition, emotion, personality, and mental health;

· the language and practice of the "real people" in real or concrete interactional or transactional situations;

· the shift in methodology from experimentation to the use of observational and ethnographic methods;

· the movement from mainstream psychology to applied social psychology;

· the recent concern in development psychology with quality of life (QOL).

An important collection that demonstrates how a culturally appropriate psychology can only be developed and practised on the basis of a cultural understanding of individuals or groups.

A C Paranjpe
Contemporary Psychology and the Mutual Understanding of India and Europe
Girishwar Misra
Implications of Culture for Psychological Knowledge
Rogelio Diaz-Guerrero
Is Abnegation a Basic Experiential Trait in Traditional Societies?
The Case of Mexico

A K Mohanty
Psychology of Language Acquisition and Bilingualism in India
The Cultural Input

Jerry S Carlson and J P Das
Disadvantaged Children's Deficiency in Learning to Read
What's the Remedy?

R C Mishra
An Ecological Perspective on Mental Health Problems of Tribal Children
T S Saraswathi
Being and Becoming
A Child, Youth, Adult and 'Respectably' Aged in India

John W Berry
Multicultural Attitudes and Identities in Canada
Shalini Bharat
Women, Work and Family in Urban India
Towards New Families?

R N Kanungo and J A Conger
Leadership Research
Basic Assumptions, Modal Orientations and Future Directions

Henry S R Kao and Ng Sek Hong
East and West in Harmony
A Glimpse of Managerial Practices among Chinese Corporations in Hong Kong

Wayne H Holtzman
School-Based Social Services as a Strategy for Community Empowerment and Human Development
R C Tripathi
Culture as a Factor in Community Interventions

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John D. Berry

Ramesh Chandra Mishra

Ramesh C. Mishra (DPhil, University of Allahabad) is Professor Emeritus of psychology at Banaras Hindu University, India. He has been a post Doctoral research fellow and Shastri Research Fellow at Queen’s University, Canada, and a visiting professor at the Universities of Konstanz (Germany) and Geneva (Switzerland). He has also been a Fellow-in-Residence of the Netherlands Institute of Advanced Study, Wassenaar (The Netherlands) and a Fulbright Scholar-in-Residence at Wittenberg University, Springfield (USA). He is the Past President and Fellow of the National Academy of Psychology (India). His research is focused on understanding... More About Author

R C Tripathi

R.C. Tripathi (Rama Charan Tripathi) is a National Fellow of the Indian Council for Social Science Research, India. He was formerly Director of G.B.Pant Social Science Institute, Allahabad and headed the Center for Advanced Studies in Psychology at the University of Allahabad. Professor Tripathi has served on important bodies of higher education in the country. He has been a member of the University Grants Commission, Indian Council for Social Science Research and the Indian National Commission of Cooperation with UNESCO.  He has served as the President of the National Academy of Psychology, India and also as a Regional President of... More About Author

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